January 13, 2005

What I won't do for $35 and a free hat

As I write this sentence, it is 2:03 a.m. Wednesday night/Thursday morning and I just got home from the Canterbury Park Card Club. It was my second trip out there (click here for the report of my maiden voyage) and I played for over 11 hours straight without so much as getting up out of my seat. I got there at 1:30 p.m., left at 12:50 a.m., and didn't miss a single hand. (In case you're wondering -- and I know you are -- I have an extraordinary bladder. The fact that I finished off a cup of Sprite every half hour for nearly half a day and didn't have to go to the bathroom once just adds to the legend.)

I came home with $35 more than I went there with, a profit margin that includes multiple tips for dealers (which were handed out begrudgingly, for sure) and a basket of French fries for lunch (which were delivered to and eaten at the table). In addition to paying for lunch, giving out far too many tips, and making a little over $3 an hour, I also won a free hat by making a straight flush in one hand.

I turned over my cards, and as I was raking in the sizeable pot, the dealer yelled out, "Straight flush on table nine!" I figured I must have hit some sort of jackpot and prepared for my riches to be delivered. Instead, I got a Canterbury Park Card Club winter hat. Something like that has got to be worth, what, like $1.49? I'm counting my winnings as $36.49.

Anyway, I smell like smoke, I have the clackity-clack of chips ringing in my head, and my temples have been throbbing for the last three hours. In other words, I desperately need to sleep. Good night!

Canterbury Park Card Club Tracker:

Trips: 2

Hours: 16.5

Win/Loss: +$16 (4 BB; plus a free hat and two meals)

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