January 20, 2005


Sorry, nothing new today. It's going to take me a little while to get used to my Monday/Wednesday class schedule, which has me in classes until around six at night. Yesterday was my first crack at it and I failed miserably, stupidly not eating anything for breakfast or lunch. So there I was, sitting in History of Journalism at 5:30, ready to pass out. Then I waited around after class to meet with someone to discuss a writing project, which kept me food-less until about 8:15.

I got home, popped in a microwave dinner, scarfed it down, searched unsuccessfully for some Advil to help my throbbing headache, and then immediately fell asleep. I missed the entire Timberwolves-Lakers game (thankfully ... I didn't need to see another loss). And, of course, when I got up this morning, my internet connection was down for the second time since I moved back in here on Monday. In fact, it's still down as I type this little message. (For those bloggers out there who are still using dial-up connections ... I feel your pain.)

Assuming I remember to eat (which, for anyone who has seen me, seems like an unlikely problem for me to have) and can find a place with some high-speed internet, I'll be back with an extra-large dose of blogging tomorrow.

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