January 26, 2005

Thank You

Yesterday I suggested that those of you who had some money to spare donate a little to Larry Mahnken, who suddenly found himself homeless after his apartment in New York burned down. I talked to Larry a couple times yesterday and he told me how incredibly generous people have been. While the amount of money he was able to raise yesterday will never be enough to offset his losses, he shared the number with me and it will certainly go a long way towards getting him back on his feet.

So thank you, from both me and Larry. He appreciates the donations and I appreciate the fact that you guys allowed me to do something that helped a friend in need. The generosity and thoughtfulness of the people who read this blog is really amazing, and I know I'll think of the help you gave Larry the next time I get a negative e-mail or two that would normally upset me.

Now, for those of you interested in reading something about baseball ... As promised yesterday, I crunched the numbers on Tadahito Iguchi and I have a write-up of Chicago's new second baseman over at The Hardball Times.

The Hardball Times: Coming to America

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