February 22, 2005

Don't Sleep

The last time I made this sort of plea to my audience, a number of you came through for me in a big way and it worked out wonderfully, so let's try it again. I am working on a paper for one of my classes on the subject of insomnia, and I am hoping a few of my readers have some expertise in this area.

Basically, if you suffer or have suffered from insomnia, or if you know of someone who suffers or has suffered from insomnia, let me know. Also, if you are a doctor or some other kind of expert on insomnia or sleep deprivation, let me know. And finally, if you are involved with a sleep clinic in some capacity, let me know.

I promise that nothing too major will be asked of you. Just answer a couple of my questions and give me your thoughts on the subject. I figure a few thousand people will read this little note today, so hopefully at least a few of you have some knowledge of people who have trouble sleeping that you're willing to share with me.

If you're interested in helping me out, please drop me an e-mail as soon as possible. Thanks!

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