March 18, 2005


Why is it that upsets like UAB over LSU and Wisconsin-Milwaukee over Alabama become so obvious only after the fact? Both outcomes make complete sense now, but for some reason neither made sense when I was filling out my bracket. When it comes to NCAA Tournament pools each season, I end up saying "wait 'til next year" faster than the Devil Rays.

Okay, enough complaining, let's hit the links ...

  • Friend of Paul Katcher seems to come up with a class, must-read column/list for Page 2 every couple months. The latest is Paul's ranking of the "Top 100 Sports Movie Quotes." I defy you to read the article and not enjoy it. Go ahead, try. The best quote is #44, particularly because it was said by an actual person, but my personal favorite is ... ah hell, I can't decide. Seriously, go read it.
  • A friend of that I've actually met, Scott Lange, is now part of the writing team over at The Cub Reporter. I have no real feelings either way about the Cubs, but I still find myself there every day.
  • Congrats to friend of and journalism school classmate Than Tibbetts, who recently won an award for his outstanding work at the Minnesota Daily. I will be absolutely shocked if I don't see Than's byline regularly in a big-time newspaper within the next few years.
  • Whatever you do, do not under any circumstances click here unless you are interested in staring at some amazing pictures of the former Official Fantasy Girl of The last time there was a comeback like this, the 1951 Giants were involved. And yes, that would make Elisha Cuthbert the Dodgers.
  • Friend of (I know I'm saying that a lot lately, but I guess I have more friends than I used to) Stick and Ball Guy wrote an interesting review of The Hardball Times' Bullpen Book. SBG also alerted me to that article on Luis Rivas that got me all hot and bothered yesterday.
  • Did you realize you can trade pretend "shares" of this blog? It looks interesting, but I have no clue how it works and I'm guessing I don't have the mental capacity to understand it. Someone once tried to explain how the real stock market works to me in very simple terms and I lasted about 30 seconds. Each share of is apparently worth $3,405.90 in pretend money, which of course does me no good whatsoever.
  • I'm not sure how my gigantic ego and I missed this when it first came out, but I was mentioned in an article about blogging on None of you care, I know, but I think my mom prints that sort of stuff out and shows it to my grandparents or something.
  • It isn't a link, but I needed a place to share this: I recently watched all 18 episodes of Freaks and Geeks and I was legitimately sad and depressed when the credits started rolling on the last one. The fact that a show like that can get canceled so quickly while an abomination like According to Jim stays on the air long enough to get syndicated is one of the more appalling aspects of our society.

    In fact, I literally just got angry typing that paragraph. Seriously. I feel robbed for not being able to see the rest of what would have been a great, long-running series. Oh, and here's a little tidbit: Linda Cardellini (who, incidentally, I am completely ready to marry), was playing Lindsay Weir when she was 24 years old in real life. She turns 30 in June, which completely blows my mind. Go buy the DVD and then you too can be angry and depressed about a TV show.

  • And finally, this is an actual e-mail I got from the "Assistant Director of Residential Life" at the University of Minnesota:

    Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    To All RBC Residents:

    This morning the RBC Facilities staff discovered extensive damage in the RBC Clubroom. Either last night or early this morning someone/or a group of people damaged the control panel for the TV and lights and smeared butter on the walls, floor/carpet/furniture, window blinds, etc., poured salad dressing on the floor and crumbled cookies throughout the room. We are in the process of determining the cost of the damage that was done, and the cost of repairs for the control panel.

    The Club Room will be locked until further notice. The Club Room can be reserved through the RBC business office for CA or Community Council programs and events.

    If any of you are aware of who may be responsible for this damage or have any question's, please contact the business office at 625-8784, the Information Desk at 625-8786 or a Community Advisor.

    Lisa Schulte
    Assistant Director, Residential Life

    People are really wonderful, aren't they?

  • Today at The Hardball Times:
    - All Batted Ball Types, All The Time (by Tom Meagher)
    - Ten Things I Didn't Know Last Week (by Studes)

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