May 4, 2005 Game Chat: Indians @ Twins (5/3/05)

UPDATE: The combination of my regular writing gigs and some end-of-the-year school work has me wiped out and busy as hell, so I'm going to skip writing up this game. So in place of my regular post-game entry, please feel free to chat about the depressing loss game in the comments below. Oh, and this sounds like good news.

CLE (9-15): Jake Westbrook (0-5, 6.35 ERA)
MIN (15-9): Joe Mays (1-0, 4.05 ERA)

2B Ronnie Belliard LF Shannon Stewart
LF Coco Crisp SS Jason Bartlett
C Victor Martinez C Joe Mauer
DH Travis Hafner 1B Justin Morneau
1B Ben Broussard CF Torii Hunter
RF Casey Blake RF Jacque Jones
CF Grady Sizemore DH Lew Ford
3B Aaron Boone 3B Michael Cuddyer
SS Jhonny Peralta 2B Nick Punto
  • I'm not sure how often I'll do this, but let's try a "Game Chat" for tonight and see how it goes. Obviously the more comments there are, the more often I'll post one of these, so chat it up. If you're watching on TV, feel free to give some descriptive play-by-play for the poor souls listening along on radio or "watching" along online. I have some actual school work to do since the semester is nearing an end, but I'll check in throughout the evening to mock lineup construction and in-game strategy, as always.
  • I was surprised that the Indians are +120 underdogs for tonight. That makes sense if you look at Jake Westbrook's record and ERA, but I still think he's a better bet to win a game than Joe Mays is right now (offensive support being equal, obviously). I probably would have taken the Indians in my "Today's Picks" if not for the fact that I have been betting against the Twins plenty as it is lately.

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