July 1, 2005

Open Chat for the Long Weekend

Lots of good discussions in the comments section this week, so I'm going to open things up in today's comments for a weekend's worth of talking about whatever it is people who read this blog feel like talking about.

And if you aren't in the chatting mood (and it seems like about 99.9% of you never are), here are a couple of my new articles to check out:

The Hardball Times: Reader Mail: My All-Stars Edition
Rotoworld: Channel Surfing: Week 13

The Official Pitcher of AG.com is on the mound tonight and the Twins enter their series with the last-place Devil Rays tied atop the AL Wild Card standings. So despite the 1927 Yankees White Sox, life is good.

UPDATE: Stick and Ball Guy has a new article up that might be good for a discussion. For the most part, I agree with him. Although he's wrong about Bat-Girl being the only professional writer among Twins bloggers. Plus, everyone knows that no one reads the newspaper any more.

Today's Picks (70-57, +$1,335):
Tampa Bay (Fossum) +260 over Minnesota (Santana)

Sunday's Picks:
Toronto (Halladay) -105 over Boston (Arroyo)

Monday's Picks:
Detroit (Verlander) +120 over Cleveland (Davis)

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