August 2, 2005

Three Years (and a vacation)

The Twins have been so bad lately that I eulogized their 2005 season here Monday, rather than discuss the fact that it was this blog's three-year anniversary. And you know me, I love to celebrate such things. Actually, I couldn't really think of a great way to celebrate it, other than to point it out and say thank you to everyone who continues to stop by here on a regular basis.

So, thank you.

This blog has gone from something I started up when I was bored one day to a real passion of mine, and in the process I have been fortunate enough to gain a loyal audience that keeps me motivated to continue pumping out new stuff. It has also led to numerous other writing opportunities and has allowed me to befriend a ton of really great people, and for both of those things I am grateful.

Ever since I can remember, my dream has been to write about sports, and specifically baseball, for a living. While I'm a long way from being Peter Gammons or Rob Neyer, I have begun to realize that dream. If you'd have to told me that three years ago, when the only person reading this blog was my mom and I was trying to get over being rejected by the school newspaper, I certainly wouldn't have believed you.

So thank you, whether you're a big fan of mine or you think I'm a complete hack. Thanks for coming here, thanks for telling your friends to come too, thanks for e-mailing, thanks for instant messaging, thanks for linking to my articles on other sites, and thanks for commenting. The last three years have been great and hopefully the next three years will be even better.

And on that note, I'm going on a little vacation (there's something you haven't read much over the last three years). I leave tonight for Toronto, Canada, where the 35th annual Society for American Baseball Research convention begins Thursday. I attended my first SABR convention last summer and had such a wonderful time that I can't imagine ever missing another one.

I'll be back in this country late Sunday night, but may not be recovered enough from all the poker and drinking (oh, and baseball) to have a new entry for you to read Monday. Assuming the good people at the Toronto International Airport get things straightened out, I'll have a full report at some point early next week. In the meantime please play nice in the comments and be understanding if your e-mail isn't answered over the weekend.

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