August 30, 2005

Open Chat: My Day Off

Sorry for the lack of a real entry today. I'm a little overwhelmed with some other writing stuff (the kind that pays money), so I'm going to take a day off. If you're still jonesing to read something I've written, check out my "Daily Dose" column at or Click here for Monday's or click here for today's.

Oh, and check out Will Young's Twins Blog, because he's been doing some great stuff over there this month. I'm jealous, because it's the sort of stuff I'd like to be doing here, if only I had more time (or fewer other obligations).

See ya tomorrow and feel free to chat away in the comments.

Today at The Hardball Times:
- Sociology of the MLB Player: 1952 (by Steve Treder)
- Batted Balls and DIPS (by David Gassko)

Today's Picks (93-82, +$885):
Cincinnati (Ortiz) +105 over Houston (Rodriguez)

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