September 11, 2005

The Hardball Times Baseball Annual: 2006

Those of you who stop by The Hardball Times on a regular basis have no doubt already seen the announcement, but I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of the people who read this blog get their fill of me here and don't go looking for anything else I've written. So, for the benefit of those people, I'd like to announce that The Hardball Times Baseball Annual: 2006 is officially available for pre-order.

We self-published last year's edition, but this time around we are lucky enough to have a "real" publisher involved. The book will be published by ACTA Sports, which is the same company that handles The Bill James Handbook and a bunch of other cool baseball books. It is scheduled for release on November 15, and should be available just about anywhere you can buy books, both online and in person.

I'll probably talk more about the book once we get closer to the release date, but I'd encourage you all to pre-order a copy today. It will be 320 pages of analysis, graphs, and unique stats. Like last year's edition, THT's team of writers will cover each of baseball's six divisions, the postseason, the minor leagues, college baseball, Japanese baseball, and the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

In addition to all of that, the book will also feature a ton of great articles by non-THT staff members like Bill James, Rob Neyer, Jon Weisman, Bat-Girl, Brian Gunn, Matt Welch, Alex Belth, Maury Brown, John Dewan, J.C. Bradbury, and a few other interesting names we are keeping quiet for a little while longer. And of course we'll have new stuff from THT regulars Dave Studeman, Steve Treder, Brian Borawski, Ben Jacobs, John Brattain, Craig Burley, Dan Fox, David Gassko, and Yours Truly.

Oh, and the Twins stink. (That's about all I can stand to say about last night's disaster.)

Today at The Hardball Times:
- Kendall Power (by Aaron Gleeman)
- How to Pitch in Colorado (by David Gassko)

Today's Picks (99-87, +$1,155):
Philadelphia -1 (-110) over Atlanta

Tuesday's Picks:
Milwaukee (Capuano) -100 over Arizona (Vazquez)

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