October 4, 2005

Open Chat: Playoff Opener

I find it impossible to write about the Twins on a day like today, when we are treated to three playoff games that kick off another month of postseason baseball ahead. So instead of reading me complain about something Twins related, go over to The Hardball Times and check out some of our awesome playoff coverage:

- Playoff Preview: White Sox-Red Sox (by Aaron Gleeman
- Playoff Preview: Cardinals-Padres (by Aaron Gleeman)
- Five Questions: St. Louis Cardinals, Playoff Edition (by Brian Gunn)
- Five Untrue Things You'll Learn About the Angels This Week (by Matt Welch)

Needless to say THT will feature a ton of good writing by a ton of good writers during the postseason, so I'm hoping you'll all make it a daily stop. And if baseball isn't your thing (which I believe applies to as many as one person reading this), head over to Rotoworld to check out my very first Football Daily Dose.

Today's Picks (114-99, +$1,320):
San Diego (Peavy) +175 over St. Louis (Carpenter)

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