November 21, 2005

Twinkie Town

John "Twins Geek" Bonnes launched Twins Territory a while back, and it quickly became a thriving community for Twins fans to hang out and read each others' thoughts on the team. Sadly, after years of blogging, first on his own at Twins Geek and then as part of the Twins Territory community, John got burnt out. He shut down Twins Territory about six weeks ago.

I've tried to make more community based, adding a comments section to each entry that often gets 40 or 50 responses on a given day. While I enjoy that aspect of this site, this blog will always be more of a monologue than a dialogue. Because of that I am happy to report that several of the main contributors behind Twins Territory have gotten together to start up a new Twins blogging community.

Twinkie Town is officially part of the Sports Blogs family that includes great sites like Athletics Nation, Beyond the Boxscore, and Minor League Ball, although it looks like it'll be more of a group effort than those other sites. It just launched last week so the content is a little light (I can tell because people have yet to begin bashing me regularly), but things should really get rolling over the next couple weeks.

Part of the beauty of blogging about the Minnesota Twins is the incredible number of fans who are both passionate about the team and passionate about sharing their thoughts with other people. Between the two major newspapers, Mark Sheldon's work at, the DTFC Twins Forum, and the dozen or so blogs devoted to the team, the Twins are covered as well as any team in baseball.

I'm not sure why that's the case, but I'm glad it is. I'm also glad to add Twinkie Town to the always expanding list of quality Twins sites. Go check it out.

Today at The Hardball Times:
- It's The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2006! (by Dave Studeman)

Pick of the Day (140-120, +$1,985):
Green Bay -5.5 (-110) over Minnesota

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