August 22, 2006

Open Chat: More Conference Calling

I receive a lot of odd e-mails because of this site, but here's a particularly strange one I got earlier this week:

Subject: Your domain


I would like to buy your domain, if possible.

If you are able to sell and release the rights to this domain please let me know. I am looking to buy within a week or two so let me know how much it would cost to take over this domain.


Mike [Last Name]

Amazingly, that's actually not the first time someone has attempted to buy Of course, I use "attempted" loosely. After all, it's tough to take something seriously when it's basically based upon sending out a form letter with no actual details.

Imagine cold-calling people on the phone and leaving dozens of messages on random answering machines, saying: "I would like to buy your house, if possible. If you are interested, please let me know within two weeks." Think you'd get many of those calls returned?

Being the shrewd businessman that I am, I replied that I would like $1.2 million for this site. I was going to say $100,000, but decided I might as well make the price completely ridiculous. Perhaps he'll start to question why I asked for $1.2 million rather than an even $1 million, and then decide it's worth paying the money to find out.

I'm awaiting his response.

In the meantime, I spent most of last night reading various informational material and doing reams of paperwork related to my new employment, and have a four-hour conference call scheduled for this morning. Seriously, a four-hour conference call.

When combined with Carlos Silva serving up five homers to the Orioles last night and the Twins making Adam Loewen look like Sandy Koufax, hopefully you can understand why today's entry is on the light side. Hell, I haven't even had time to play Madden 2007 yet.

As always, feel free to entertain yourselves in the comments section. If they give us some sort of intermission during the conference call, perhaps I'll stop in to answer any questions or break up any fights.

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