September 12, 2006

Open Chat: Liriano's Return

Oakland was leading 5-3 heading into the bottom of the eighth inning last night. Single, wild pitch, walk, double, double, ground out, strike out, strike out, wild pitch, line out.

All of a sudden, Joe Nathan was on the mound closing out the Twins' 85th win. The poor A's didn't even know what hit them. And now they get the F-Bomb this afternoon.

Giddy up!

UPDATE: Francisco Liriano looked unhittable for two innings, gave up a leadoff single to Nick Swisher in the third inning, and then left the game after apparently aggravating his elbow injury while pitching to Bobby Kielty. He threw a pitch, walked off the mound while trying to sort of roll his arm, and then put his hands on his knees while everyone came to the mound.

Then Liriano left the game without much conversation, with Matt Garza relieving him. So much for that. Knowing absolutely nothing beyond what I saw and what the Twins have said about the situation in the past, I'd be shocked if Liriano pitches again before spring training.

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