October 25, 2006

Rained Out

If there was ever any doubt about my incredible love of baseball, it was confirmed last night when I sat through back-to-back-to-back episodes of The War at Home in the hopes of the rain in St. Louis letting up at some point. It didn't, and I couldn't even salvage the evening by writing a lengthy blog entry due to Blogger being "down" the entire time. In fact, it's 10:07 p.m. and everything started running again just in time for me to go to sleep.

Instead of a World Series game and some heavy blogging, I spent a couple hours glancing at Michael Rapaport's horrible television show while what were surely countless unfunny, laugh track-supported lines fell on deaf ears thanks to the miracle of mute. And I actually like Rapaport; that's how awful the show is. The experience went perfectly with Joe Buck assuring everyone that the game was "about to begin" every 20 minutes while the camera showed the rain pouring down.

So much for those "storm trackers" showing cluttered maps of the greater St. Louis area while colors flashed all over the screen, I guess. If a meteorologist can't accurately predict what the weather will be like in an hour, why does anyone bother with seven-day forecasts? And is last night's performance the sort of thing that gets a meteorologist fired? Does such a thing even exist? When you're paid to analyze the weather and your analysis is completely wrong, does that impact your job security one bit?

Speaking of job security (how's that for a clumsy segue?), prior to spending my entire night waiting for something that never arrived, I received news that I'll likely be taking a trip to the East Coast next week. The details aren't quite finalized yet, but it sounds like I'll be boarding a plane Wednesday night, which means blogging will either be light or non-existent for at least a couple days. The good news is that I should have some interesting stuff to talk about once I return.

The other good news is that my oft-delayed Top 40 Minnesota Twins series will officially be resuming before I leave. Shane Mack's days as the last guy profiled are coming to an end, with the long-awaited No. 23 player in team history finally being unveiled either Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, those of you who weren't around way back when I began the series in January should consider catching up on the players you missed:

#24 Shane Mack
#25 Brian Harper
#26 Eddie Guardado
#27 Larry Hisle
#28 Tom Brunansky
#29 Kevin Tapani
#30 Jacque Jones
#31 Butch Wynegar
#32 Al Worthington
#33 Greg Gagne
#34 Matt Lawton
#35 Steve Braun
#36 Dave Boswell
#37 Jimmie Hall
#38 Eric Milton
#39 Scott Erickson
#40 Randy Bush

I'm also planning to kick off a Top 30 Twins Prospects series soon, although running simultaneous countdowns will likely lead to disaster (or, if the Top 40 Minnesota Twins delay is any indication, the No. 1 prospect being profiled sometime in 2011).

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