November 28, 2006

Winter Meetings Preview

In an effort to whet everyone's appetite in preparation for my trip to the Winter Meetings next week, my column today focuses on the needs of each American League team and who they might target when the general managers get together in Orlando Monday.

What's Cooking: American League Winter Meetings Preview (

Regular readers of this blog won't find anything particularly noteworthy in the Twins write-up, but here it is anyway:

Minnesota Twins

Team Needs: With Brad Radke most likely retiring and Francisco Liriano out for the season following Tommy John surgery, Minnesota needs starting pitching behind Johan Santana. The Twins' lineup, which ranked second-to-last among AL teams in homers, could use some pop from left field or designated hitter.

Possible Targets: A small payroll limits the Twins' options in free agency, so they'll be active as usual in the trade market, with Jason Jennings already mentioned as a possible target. If they do fill openings on the open market, they figure to re-sign Rondell White or go after similar veterans from the scrap heap like Kevin Millar, Ryan Klesko, Matt Stairs, Miguel Batista, and Mark Redman.

I go through a similar run-down for the other 13 AL teams as well, so check it out. On a personal note, I'm proud to say that not only is today's column featured prominently in the baseball section, it's actually the featured front-page story (as of 11 this morning, at least). For a site that has been almost entirely football since it launched, that's welcomed progress (plus, it's pretty cool).

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