December 4, 2006

Live From Orlando ...

Well, I made it here in one piece. The Winter Meetings haven't officially started yet as I'm writing this late Sunday night and I could still conceivably spend the next four days standing by myself in a hotel lobby, but so far at least I'm enjoying Orlando an awful lot. I drove my Mustang rental car from the airport to the hotel and, as I was checking into my suite, watched as Kevin Kennedy and Charley Steiner checked in alongside me. Seriously, read that sentence again.

As far as I'm concerned, I could have turned right around, hopped back on a plane to Minnesota before midnight, and the trip would have been a complete success. Of course, might feel slightly differently, which why I'll be heading over to the actual event bright and early in the morning. From there I'll be filing reports throughout the day, both in writing and on video, so make sure to check out early and often.

In the meantime, feel free to take a look at my video debut, which was posted on over the weekend. I'm not aware of a way to actually link to the specific video at this point, but if you head to the baseball section you should see something relatively prominent carrying the headline: "Aaron Gleeman stokes the hot stove." Click on that and you can watch me talk for five minutes or so about the big storylines heading into the Winter Meetings.

I've always said that I got into writing partly because it involved such little speaking, let alone speaking on camera, so I'm certainly far from a polished performer. Plus, I definitely have a face made for radio (if that), although thankfully the production team edits things so that you don't have to stare at my ugly mug the entire time. In other words, if you do watch the video, try to be nice (or not, but for some odd reason I feel the need to at least say that).

Wish me luck ...

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