January 7, 2007

Fire Away

I'm knee deep in a writing project that's due by the end of the week, so I'm a little light on blogging time today. Instead of my usual entry about whatever it is I usually babble about on a random Monday in January, I'm going to steal a page from a couple of my favorite blogs and try opening the floor up for questions. Now, one of the nice things about having a comments section is that the floor is essentially always open for questions, but this will be slightly different.

If you have any questions for me on any (somewhat reasonable) topic, post it in the comments section below or e-mail it to me. Later this week, I'll go through the questions and either grab them all or pick out some percentage of them to answer in an entry (depending on how many there are, obviously). You can certainly ask me about Twins-related stuff, but don't feel limited to that. If there's some pressing issue you want my opinion on or some random thing you've been wondering about me, fire away.

In searching for something in the AG.com archives the other day, I was reminded how much fun it used to be to do "mailbag" entries back before a comments section started cutting way into the number of e-mails I receive each day. I'm happy that there's now a place other than my e-mailbox for people to discuss the Twins' bench options and what a jerk I am, but if this whole Q&A thing goes well perhaps it could be a suitable replacement. Or it could just be a huge disaster, we'll see.

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