January 16, 2007

Going to Dallas

I'm heading out on another business trip today, which is a sentence you probably could have gotten some pretty good odds against me saying this time last year. I'm leaving on an early-morning flight to Dallas, which means a large percentage of you are probably reading this very sentence while I'm in the air. It also means blogging will be light this week, although I should have some time to hammer out an entry or two at some point, depending on how busy they keep me.

I'll probably never get totally used to this whole business travel thing, because flying, rental cars, expense accounts, staying in hotels, and having meetings aren't really up my alley. With that said, the beautiful thing about my job is that any "business trip" I take is really just me going to another place to do something involving sports. For instance, this particular business trip involves stuff like attending tonight's Mavericks-Rockets game and going to the Beckett Media offices later in the week.

I'm hoping to do enough blogging from Texas to make checking back here a couple more times this week worth your while, but past experience has taught me that promising such things is a mistake. In the meantime, feel free to look at my incredibly boring page on MySpace. I'm honestly not even sure what the point of MySpace is, but enough people told me I should have a page that I finally gave in and created one. Now I'm waiting to learn why, exactly.

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