March 18, 2007

The House That Blog Built

I'm the type of guy who laughs at the people who get upset over talking about a no-hitter while it's going on, so I'm perfectly willing to make this announcement despite the presence of a potential jinx. Things aren't quite official just yet--there's still an inspection to conduct this afternoon and a closing to sit through--but barring a last-minute change that would make me reconsider the whole talking-during-a-no-hitter thing, I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful 2,020-square foot home.

A busy weekend filled with paperwork and negotiating kept me from producing actual written content for today, but in the absence of that I do have some nice pictures to share. In the interest of space and combating boredom I'll leave the bathrooms, dining room, utility room, and deck off the tour, but here's a room-by-room look at the place (furniture not included) ...


Living room (13 x 14):

Kitchen (9 x 18):

Family room (14 x 14):

Master bedroom (17 x 16):

Second bedroom (11 x 13):

Amusement room (23 x 12):

Patio (16 x 17):

All that and it'll only take me until May 1, 2037 to pay it off! In the meantime, if you have suggestions regarding painting, furniture, and DirecTV installation, drop me an e-mail or a note in the comments section.

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