October 1, 2007

Almost, But Not Quite

If you'd have told me in January that Ramon Ortiz would be the winning pitcher in MLB's first October game, I'd have been thrilled. And shocked. That the victory was for the Rockies and came after Ortiz posted a 5.14 ERA for the Twins is somehow both more and less surprising at the same time. If last night's Wild Card-deciding game between the Rockies and Padres in any indication of what's ahead in the playoffs, the next month might be enough to make me forget about the Twins' season for a while.

Those of you who either haven't been around during past offseasons or have short memories may be wondering what happens to this blog once the Twins' season is over. The answer is that it's business as usual. Today's content is meager because I went to a concert last night and then stayed up late to watch the 13-inning Rockies-Padres game when I got home--once every three years I allow life to interfere with blogging--but you can expect 4-5 new entries per week from now until spring training.

Along with yesterday's look at how the Twins' bullpen this season compared to the 2006 version, I'm currently working on a few other review-style entries that examine various aspects of the Twins' first losing season since 2000. I'm hoping to have the first one posted here tomorrow, but that depends on whether or not some custom stats that I've called in a favor for get delivered between now and then. In the meantime, I'm hosting a fantasy football "chat" over at Rotoworld this afternoon. Come say hello.

Once you're done here, check out my latest "Daily Dose" column over at Rotoworld.

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