February 7, 2008


  • It once seemed impossible, but Max Jean-Gilles may finally have some competition for the coveted title of "Sexiest Offensive Lineman."
  • If you think that the comments section here sometimes gets ugly, check out the beating that Stephen A. Smith takes from the readers of his new blog. The Philadelphia Inquirer undoubtedly made a great move by firing Smith recently, but it's a shame that he's now besmirching the good name of bloggers everywhere. I liked it a whole lot better when horrible newspaper columnists just made fun of bloggers.
  • Hard as it may be to believe, I'm not behind FireGardy.com.
  • The boys over at Fire Joe Morgan recently revealed their true identities and it turns out that the man who goes by the pseudonym Ken Tremendous is actually Michael Schur. That name didn't sound familiar to me, but some quick Googling revealed that he formerly wrote for Saturday Night Live and currently writes for The Office. That's pretty interesting, but it gets better. Schur plays Dwight Shrute's cousin Mose on The Office and is married to Regis Philbin's daughter in real life. Seriously.

    All of which is especially interesting to me because Schur/Tremendous is an AG.com fan who joined me on NBCSports.com's "Fantasy Fix" show last year. Afterward, he wrote on FJM that getting to "chat with legendary Twins blogger Aaron Gleeman ... was as close to an honor as a baseball blogger can get." Beyond the ego boost from someone behind one of my favorite shows, I'm now closer than ever to creepily informing Jenna Fischer of her long-time Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com candidacy.

  • Speaking of Fischer, she somehow plays a runway model as convincingly as she plays a secretary.
  • If you thought that Kevin Slowey provided thoughtful, intelligent responses when interviewed by Seth Stohs, check out Tim Dierkes' three-part interview with Brian Bannister over at MLB Trade Rumors.
  • The long-time feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon has taken an unsettling turn:

    "Well, congratulations."
  • Elisha is the reigning Super Bowl MVP's given first name, but this comparison remains a no-brainer in the other direction.
  • Last week I wrote an article about the Johan Santana trade for MSNBC.com and this week they ran a column on the same subject from Bert Blyleven. Apparently Blyleven "writes regularly for MSNBC.com," which oddly enough makes us co-workers (or something).
  • My friend and Rotoworld colleague Gregg Rosenthal was in Arizona last week covering the Super Bowl and various pre-Super Bowl parties, but it didn't stop him from instant messaging me Friday night with a very important note: "Marissa Miller is on NFL Network right now." Sure enough, I quickly tuned in and spotted the Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com candidate discussing topics like Art Monk's Hall of Fame candidacy with Chris Russo and Jamie Dukes.

    It was every bit as surreal as the previous sentence suggests, and she sadly displayed poor grammar and had absolutely no clue who Monk is. On the other hand, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model still managed to be absolutely fascinating (at least to me, Russo, and Dukes) thanks to a sheer white t-shirt and ridiculously done-up hair. I'm jealous that NBCSports.com sent Gregg to the Super Bowl, if only because there weren't many people who looked like this hanging around the winter meetings.

  • Corey Koskie has been sidelined for the past 18 months by post-concussion syndrome, putting the career of the 16th-best player in Twins history in serious jeopardy. Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com and Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe each wrote lengthy articles recently chronicling Koskie's struggles and potential comeback, and they're both definitely worth reading.
  • If you're able to withstand the pain of seeing Santana in a Mets uniform, the New York Post recently ran a picture that shows what his wife and father look like.
  • One of the boys over at Rumors and Rants provided an interesting, unfiltered glimpse into what life may have been like for me had everything gone according to plan in the journalism world, because like him I'd probably be covering high-school sports for a small newspaper by day and writing depressing blog entries about how awful my job was by night. Not that it'll ever keep me from holding a grudge, but the folks at the Minnesota Daily probably did me a favor with the constant rejections. Thanks so much!
  • Creepy statues in the background and gloomy weather make for an odd photo shoot and I'm not quite sure what product Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com candidate Keeley Hazell is even selling, but I'm definitely buying.
  • Nick Punto got an honorable mention!
  • A new site that's worth checking out: Twins Trivia.
  • My latest column over at Rotoworld involves making the case for Santana as a worthwhile first-round pick in fantasy drafts.
  • Finally, this week's AG.com-approved music video features one of my all-time favorites singers and one of my all-time favorite songs, with Bill Withers doing a live version of "Use Me":

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