March 19, 2008 Season Preview Videos

Last week I traveled to the offices in Connecticut to shoot a bunch of videos, including position-by-position season previews that are now available for mass consumption. The shows are heavily geared toward fantasy baseball, but for those of you who aren't into that many of the positional breakdowns also include some Twins-related talk. Plus, it's probably worth watching the videos just to see the ongoing "man crush" segment go from innocuously fun to uncomfortably homo erotic.

Home-wrecker Gregg Rosenthal swoops in to steal Jason Kubel from me in the outfield preview, the third-base video includes a discussion of whether or not my mom would approve of me choosing Ryan Braun, and the starting-pitcher breakdown ends with me explaining that I'm on the rebound after losing Johan Santana and have my eye on Francisco Liriano. And if you don't find the man-crush theme particularly amusing, take solace in the fact that the lovely Tiffany Simons co-hosts each video.

The shows are each only a few minutes long, we cover a lot of topics, and in addition to all the baseball talk you can look at Tiffany or wonder exactly how many pounds I've gained back since my Fat-O-Meter days (more on this tomorrow, sadly). The videos were my in-studio debut--with bright lights, ear pieces, and producers on a fancy set--so you can judge for yourself how things went for me in the unfamiliar position of being in front of the camera. Enjoy ...

Starting Pitchers:


First Basemen:

Second Basemen:


Third Basemen:


Relief Pitchers:

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