April 21, 2008

AG.com Logo Vote

A few weeks ago I asked people to submit designs for a new AG.com logo/header, because this site has long been overdue for a new look and Sony had sent me a bunch of video games to give away via some sort of contest. My only requirements were that the design couldn't involve a copyrighted image (such as the Twins' logo) and had to include "AaronGleeman.com." Amazingly, over 50 designs were submitted and I'd like to thank each person who took the time to send me something.

My seven favorites are shown below, but before you take a look please note that the images have been scaled down to fit the space and may appear somewhat blurry. They're all intended to be used atop the page as headers and would be bigger than what you see below, so to view full-sized versions of each design simply click on the image. Once you're finished looking at all seven designs, please take a moment to vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of the entry.

UPDATE: Polling is closed. Thanks for voting.

No. 1 - "Double Stitches" (Submitted by Dan Olson):

No. 2 - "New Ballpark" (Submitted by Joe Stahlmann):

No. 3 - "Lots of Baseballs" (Submitted by Jory Dyvig):

No. 4 - "AG.com Ball" (Submitted by Dan Olson):

No. 5 - "Women of AG.com" (Submitted by Tom Berrisford):

No. 6 - "Eyebrows" (Submitted by Robin Decaire):

No. 7 - "Old School" (Submitted by Dan Olson):

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