May 28, 2008

Quarterly Questions: Fire Away

In the past I've tried to open the floor up for reader-submitted questions every three months or so, but while watching the Twins' dramatic comeback last night it occurred to me that the last Q&A session here took place way back in mid-January. Not only was that pre-spring training and two months prior to Opening Day, it was a week before the Johan Santana trade, so we're obviously beyond overdue and should have plenty of new ground to cover.

If you're unfamiliar with how this works, it's basically a poor man's version of an online chat session. You ask questions, either via the comments section or e-mail, and then I answer them in this space at some point in the near future. Typically there are well over a hundred submissions, with enough topic variety to devote separate entries to answering "baseball questions" and "random questions," which means that you're free to ask things that have nothing to do with the Twins. In fact, it's encouraged.

Twins-related questions are certainly also encouraged, but if there's some pressing issue that you've wanted my opinion on or some random thing that you've been wondering about me or this blog, here's your chance. As always, please make sure to double-check spelling and grammar while trying to keep the questions as concise and readable as possible, because what you type may appear soon on other people's computer screens.

Before stepping aside for the questions, one quick programming note: I'll be appearing on KFAN radio at around 8:00 a.m. tomorrow to talk Twins and other baseball stuff on "The Power Trip Morning Show" with Mike Morris. I'm fairly certain that we'll be taking a bunch of calls from the audience, so feel free to pick up the phone and chime in. Or just listen online. With that bit of self-promotion out of the way, the floor is now open for questions. Fire away!

Once you're done here, check out my latest "Daily Dose" column over at Rotoworld.

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