June 12, 2008


  • You know someone is a badass when they not only fought off home intruders, but did so by "striking one with a bed post that he unscrewed from his bed." Noah Herron is like MacGyver, but with slightly better third-down skills.
  • With the offseason giving him a break from losing basketball games every night, Marko Jaric has even more time to hang out with his supermodel girlfriend fiancee.
  • Speaking of dating Timberwolves, recently dismissed NESN host Hazel Mae showed more range than Carlos Gomez by dating former Wolves guard Ricky Davis and SportsCenter anchor Steve Levy.
  • This (not safe for work) video of a woman going insane on the subway is mesmerizing to watch:

    Amazingly, the spectacular "I'm Pressin' Charges" remix somehow manages to be even better:

    My favorite part is the Najeh "Deuce" Davenport cameo, but the remix is 270 seconds of perfection.
  • With the World Series of Poker in full swing, it's time for my annual plea to check out Paul McGuire's must-read Tao of Poker blog.
  • On a related note, when you're playing craps for so much money that Barry Greenstein tells you it makes him physically ill ... well, that means you're Phil Ivey.
  • When asked last week why Keeley Hazell hasn't already cemented Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com status given her seemingly impressive credentials, my response was as follows: "Her being frequently nude is actually the main conflict, crazy as that sounds. A large percentage of the people reading this site do so at work and another sizable fraction of the audience is under the age of 18, so linking to her latest photo spread is sometimes problematic."

    No doubt taking that as a personal challenge, Hazell put on a whole bunch of clothes this week while showing almost zero skin, and still looked stunning.

  • Between this story and this website, it was a banner week for upsetting my mom with e-mailed links.
  • These photos probably ruined whatever slim chance Jessica Alba had of reclaiming OFGoAG.com status, but at least she had the decency to repopulate the planet with a girl to carry on her genes.
  • If you only watch one video of a skateboarder riding testicles-first into a pole, make it this one:

    Even Torii Hunter would probably agree that's marginally dumber than sliding head-first into first base.
  • Quote of the Week, from highly underrated potential Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com candidate Kate Beckinsale: "I'm the worst wife in the cooking department. I always thought you can't be good at food and sex, but you can always order the food in."
  • Will Leitch recently announced that he's leaving Deadspin to serve as a contributing editor for New York magazine. Leitch is a friend of AG.com, sending thousands of readers here over the years and doing some print work for Rotoworld's draft guides, and he's also arguably the biggest name in sports blogging. For him to leave a blog that pays him a good salary and gets a half-million visitors per day for a magazine is intriguing.

    Buzz Bissinger saw Leitch as the representative for "the internet" when he freaked out at him on HBO, but in truth Leitch has writing chops that go well beyond blogging. My sense is that after three years of producing relative short, humor-driven entries about sporting events and odd news items he wanted to stretch his writing legs again. As Leitch told Michael David Smith of AOL FanHouse in an interview last week: "I'm going to be doing long, 8,000-word features for them, and I'm looking forward to that."

  • Smith recently tried to handicap the field for who'll replace Leitch at Deadspin, offering up a couple dozen names ranging from Deadspin staffers A.J. Daulerio and Rick Chandler to Bill Simmons. Smith understandably didn't throw himself into the mix, but he'd probably be my pick to partner with Daulerio as Deadspin's new tag team. Few sports bloggers produce more content or better content than Smith, and his relatively straightforward writing style would be a good fit alongside Daulerio's humor.
  • OFGoAG.com candidate Mila Kunis even looks cute pumping gas. Oh, and she also cleans up nice.
  • Chris Bosh might be giving Gilbert Arenas a run for the "Most Amusing NBA Player" title:

    Actually, Bosh is funny, but Glen "Big Baby" Davis steals the show about four minutes in.
  • After four years of Twins blogging, friend of AG.com Will Young has decided to take a break:

    Sadly, becoming an adult has given this site a smaller priority in my life every day. ... So I'm not going to write for awhile. Will I never write again? Probably not. I'm sure at some point I'll get the creative juices flowing for a random entry here or there.

    But now that I have a wife to share my free time, house to maintain, a lawn to mow ... I just cannot give this site much of my time. Thanks for helping nourish this hobby for several years and for giving me way more visitors than I ever expected. It has been a lot of fun, but it's time for me to move on.

    Will has a knack for writing excellent articles on Twins history and his game-by-game Win Probability Added charts were a great resource, so he'll be missed tremendously. When it comes to his stepping away from blogging, the good news for me at least is that he's less likely to pass along embarrassing stories from his experience as my roommate at the upcoming Society for American Baseball Research Convention. Or maybe that'll be enough to coax him out of retirement.

  • As Gregg Rosenthal recently discovered, like Al Saunders my playbook is too complicated to copy.
  • Here's a new sports-related product from AG.com reader Jory Dyvig: The Grill Topper.
  • As always on Friday mornings, you can listen to me on KFAN radio at around eight o'clock talking Twins on "The Power Trip Morning Show" with Mike Morris, Cory Cove, and Chris Hawkey. Click here to listen online and feel free to call in with a question.
  • Finally, this week's AG.com-approved music video is Ben Harper (minus The Innocent Criminals) doing a stripped-down version of "In the Colors":

  • Once you're done here, check out my latest "Daily Dose" column over at Rotoworld.

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