September 7, 2008 "Live Chat" at Noon Today

I've decided that today is a good time for the first ever "live chat." Why? Three reasons, actually. First, my live chat over at Rotoworld last week went really well and made me incredibly anxious to try it here as soon as possible. Second, after covering NFL games for eight hours yesterday I'm running too low on energy to type up any kind of respectable entry here. Third, at this point my brain can't handle writing about another ugly Twins loss involving another blown lead, at least not yet.

Doing this without any kind of warning may lead to a lack of participation, especially on a Monday, but after being overwhelmed by 3,575 questions from 1,838 people during last week's Rotoworld session a limited audience may not be such a bad thing. My hope is that at least a few dozen of you can take a break from whatever it is you do on a Monday afternoon to join me. And if you can't make it, but would like to ask something, you can e-mail me your question to be included in the live chat. See ya at noon ...

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