September 9, 2008

1.0 GB

I keep on living, to keep from crying
I keep on dreaming, to keep from dying
I keep on trying, I ain't gonna stop
Get right down to the bottom of the barrel, and float back on top

- Amos Lee, "Bottom of the Barrel"

What a difference a day makes. Along with the Twins beating the Royals, yesterday also saw the White Sox drop both games of a doubleheader to the Blue Jays, announce that Carlos Quentin will miss the remainder of the season following wrist surgery, and lose Paul Konerko to a knee injury. It'd be tough for the Twins' playoff chances to improve any more than that in the span of 24 hours, and with the White Sox facing Roy Halladay tonight the division may soon be tied with 17 games remaining. Giddy up!

                W      L     WIN%      GB
White Sox 80 64 .556 ---
Twins 79 65 .549 1.0

Beats the hell out of the Vikings, huh?

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