February 12, 2009


  • My new goal in life is to be described as "250 pounds of concrete cyanide," although my fear is that may require more than just an elliptical machine.
  • Dwyane Wade has given me some interesting ideas for the next Twins blogger get-together.
  • Ozzie Guillen, sabermetrician: "The leadoff hitter to me is not the one who can steal more bases, but the guy who can get on base the most."
  • More evidence that Saturday Night Live should turn the whole show into an extended news segment and a whole bunch of digital shorts:

    Normally this is where I'd quote my favorite line, but any song that boasts lyrics like "flippy floppies" and "nautical theme pashmina afghan" while name-checking Kevin Garnett offers too many choices to pick just one.
  • Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com runner-up Marisa Miller seemingly had zero reason to attend the 51st annual Grammy Awards except for the fact that she looks like this on the red carpet.
  • Speaking of the OFGoAG.com runner-up, Miller's absence is part of why this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is thoroughly disappointing. I'm a Brooklyn Decker fan and seeing Bar Refaeli on the cover (plus another model named Esti Ginzburg within the mag) is oddly thrilling for someone who got expelled from Hebrew school, but the world didn't need another Danica Patrick photo shoot, I've never heard of the "tennis stars" featured, and none of the 2009 "rookies" can fill Miller's shoes (or bikini).

    Or maybe I'm just getting old.

  • In honor of Bob Costas ending his HBO show to take a job with MLB Network, Will Leitch looks back at his experience on Costas Now.
  • Perhaps the only thing scarier than a divorced mother of six on welfare giving birth to octuplets is this pre-labor picture of her. Seriously, you've been warned.
  • Motherhood has made former Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com Jessica Alba very confusing, because one day she's at a playground showing off her tramp stamp and the next day she's at a movie premiere draped in some sort of table cloth.
  • The following advertisement has been popping up on various sports websites this week:

    Not just any product can take a 22-year-old former No. 1 overall pick and turn him into a .290/.336/.405 hitter who plays horrible, mistake-filled defense, which incidentally is only a slightly worse slogan for a product than "fight fatigue and support immune system."

  • Against all odds, the first player news blurb in Rotoworld history to quote Howard Stern and Robin Quivers was not written by me.
  • It's reassuring to know that Rick Rickert is still better at being delusional than playing basketball.
  • Thanks to this article from Forbes, all of us college dropouts can now claim to be trend-setters.
  • Frank Viola is heading to spring training as an instructor ... for the Indians.
  • Brooks was here.
  • Despite being "tagged" several dozen times, I've avoided actually participating in this. When it comes to stuff that "gives people the opportunity to boast about themselves without appearing boastful" having an eponymous blog is more than good enough for me.
  • Finally, this week's AG.com-approved music video is The Smashing Pumpkins with a live version of "Bullet With Butterfly Wings":

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