April 16, 2009


  • I've been doing a ton of writing over at the new NBCSports.com blog Circling the Bases, including an entry about LaVelle E. Neal III's underwear and live blogging yesterday's Yankees-Indians matchup that opened the new Yankee Stadium. Some of my other CTB entries from this week:

    - Breaking down Kershaw's historic night
    - Dye and Konerko: White Sox doppelgangers
    - The glamorous life of baseball beat writers
    - With healthy Ichiro, Seattle's outfield D is special

    And there are about 60 other entries where those came from, plus all kinds of good stuff from my CTB blogmates Matthew Pouliot and Craig Calcaterra.

  • Chris Robinson of Yahoo! Sports wrote a fascinating piece about NFL teams creating fake Facebook profiles to learn more about/spy on draft prospects.
  • If you thought someone snapping a picture of Michael Phelps smoking pot at a party earlier this year was a pathetic excuse for news, you'll absolutely love this Associated Press "story" about Usain Bolt.
  • Despite watching a lot of television, I'm usually unable to get hooked on a show without watching it from the beginning or at least stumbling across a series within the first few episodes. Because of that I've never seen a minute of Lost, 24, Mad Men, House, or Breaking Bad, and have watched only brief snippets of How I Met Your Mother and Chuck. I'm sure they're all outstanding shows because people recommend them to me constantly, but the notion of diving in midstream always bothers me.

    I'm either in on something resembling the ground floor or skip the whole thing and for a long while that applied to Friday Night Lights as well, but then someone pointed out that the entire series is available on Hulu.com. I've gone from never seeing a minute to devouring like 35 episodes in a row and am now completely hooked on Friday Night Lights. Thankfully the show has been renewed for at least two more seasons, giving me plenty of time to become a full-fledged fanboy.

  • One new show that I've watched from the start is Eastbound & Down, so I'm happy to see it coming back for another season on HBO. Hopefully they make a sh**-ton of new episodes.
  • Keeley Hazell is well on her way to losing Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com status.
  • Meanwhile, not even taking her kids of an Easter egg hunt can slow Kate Beckinsale's candidacy.
  • Joe Posnanski interviews Michael Schur, which should be more than enough description for you.
  • Michael Lynch invited me to participate in the latest Seamheads.com simulation league alongside several of my favorite writers such as Posnanski, Bill Simmons, King Kaufman, Jonah Keri, Derrick Goold, and Gary Gillette. I'm actually most excited about Dave Dameshek being in the league, because that brings me one step closer to my lifelong goal of befriending Adam Carolla. The league's theme is "near-miss teams" and I'll be running the 1965 Twins that lost in the World Series after going 102-60.
  • Speaking of that 1965 squad, Jon Laging the Albert Lea Tribune recently wrote an article comparing them to this season's Twins.
  • As this amusing website chronicles, not even Derek Jeter can escape nature. Ah, the internet.
  • Phil Mackey's new project: Minnesota Poker Magazine.
  • ESPN luring Adam Schefter away from NFL Network is one of the best hires they've ever made.
  • Darren "Doogie" Wolfson has joined Seth Stohs in blogging for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
  • On a related note, SaveTheStrib.com is trying to ... well, you know.
  • Nathan Bortz has started a new Twins blog covering the low Single-A team in Beloit.
  • Finally, in honor of my new Friday Night Lights addiction this week's AG.com-approved music video is Tony Lucca covering Daniel Johnston with a live version of "Devil Town":

  • Once you're done here, check out my "Circling The Bases" blog over at NBCSports.com.

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