May 1, 2009


  • Who wrote this column about Joe Mauer and what has he done with Jim Souhan?
  • You know a movie must be awful when Jessica Biel playing a stripper and doing nude scenes can't even stop it from going straight to DVD.
  • Two years ago Clay Travis trained for the NFL combine alongside college players like Michael Oher and his 10-part series on the experience is easily among the best long-form sportswriting that I've read in years. Travis' writing has a Ball Four-esque vibe that mixes humor and great character development with an inside look at a genuinely intriguing area of sports, and despite being roughly the same length as a book I devoured it in one day. Just an awesome piece of writing.
  • I'd have preferred Oher, but for all his off-field issues Percy Harvin was a worthwhile gamble for the Vikings at No. 22 overall. With that said, NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock got off a great line (and made a good point) immediately after praising the pick: "We all think it's a great pick, but if he winds up on the Love Boat smoking a bone, it'll be a different story." That was just one of several billion reasons why Mayock and NFL Network beat Mel Kiper Jr. and ESPN for draft coverage last weekend.
  • As my first-grade teacher Ms. Hughes used to say, Bruce Pearl gets an "A" for effort.
  • Inside the NBA on TNT has been so great during the playoffs that I've tuned into the postgame show several times after not even watching the actual game. Wednesday night featured Ron Artest doing an insane pretaped interview with Craig Sager followed by Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Chris Webber, and Ernie Johnson goofing on him for the remainder of the show. This three-minute clip doesn't even begin to do it justice, but it's better than nothing.

    The whole thing went on for a good 15 minutes and eventually segued into Barkley having bad breath, and at Smith's request the producers started playing "The Bridge is Over" as soundtrack to the goofing.
  • There hasn't been a new candidate for Official Fantasy Girl of status in some time, but Diora Baird presents a very compelling case.
  • Meanwhile, runner-up Marisa Miller continues to stand her ground.
  • Here's the latest column-type article from my colleague Bert Blyleven.
  • Amy K. Nelson of is quickly becoming one of my favorite baseball writers and her lengthy profile of Matt Harrington is definitely worth reading, if only as a reminder that "yes" is nearly always the right answer when someone offers you $5 million.
  • Jose Canseco lost a boxing match to former NFL return man Vai Sikahema and then managed only a draw against 5-foot-6 former child actor Danny Bonaduce, so naturally he's ready to get destroyed by a 7-foot-2 guy in a mixed martial arts tournament.
  • Coed Magazine goes 10-for-10 on their "women we never want to see on a hot list ever again" picks.
  • I've long felt that living in a world created by Judd Apatow might be best for me and this confirms it:

    Of course, Apatow can hardly be blamed for creating the seemingly unrealistic "World of Judd." After all, he looks like this and is married to a woman who looks like this. And that's not even in a movie.
  • NBC is adding another poker show to a non-primetime lineup that already includes Poker After Dark and the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, both of which dominate my DVR.
  • As an Adam Carolla fanboy I'm thrilled that not only did his new sitcom get picked up by CBS for the upcoming fall schedule, Pamela Adlon has signed on to play his wife. Adlon is the voice of Bobby Hill on King of the Hill, played Louie C.K.'s wife on the highly underrated Lucky Louie, and was a fantastic guest on Loveline way back in 2002. I'm already looking forward to her first appearance on his podcast.
  • Earlier this week longtime sports columnists David Steele and Rick Maese were informed by phone of their firing from the Baltimore Sun while in the pressbox covering an Orioles game, and the incident was blogged in real-time by a reporter from another newspaper. Yuck.
  • Friend of Doogie Wolfson has a new gig as the sideline reporter for St. Paul Saints games.
  • Here are some of the highlights from my blogging this week:

    - Mauer is returning, but will Morales be leaving?
    - Mets bullpen blows another win for Santana
    - Bonifacio bandwagon now has plenty of room
    - What's wrong with Jake Peavy?
    - The Strasburg Watch: 9-0, 1.54 ERA
    - Fowler, Rockies run wild on Chris Young
    - Hughes goes six scoreless in 2009 debut
    - The Next Big Thing: Matt LaPorta

  • Finally, in honor of the Vikings' first-round pick this week's music video is Percy Sledge and his ridiculous haircut doing a live version of "When a Man Loves a Woman":

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