May 15, 2009


  • After reading this news, I'm willing to sell an internship for the low, low price of $10,000 and I'll even let you do my laundry.
  • Earlier this week I wrote a lengthy entry about why Carlos Gomez should be playing more often than Delmon Young thanks to the big gap defensively. Friend of Thor Nystrom pens a mainstream version of the same analysis while subbing for Kelly Thesier over at and Nick Nelson helps explain the numbers by way of a situation from yesterday's game. Meanwhile, LaVelle E. Neal III reports that Young will be away from the team for a while because of a family emergency.
  • Here's the video of Bert Blyleven eating worms on the air last weekend to raise money for charity:

    Never before have I liked someone so much and become annoyed with their announcing so easily.
  • For some reason this doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
  • According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, former Timberwolves point guard Pooh Richardson "is now a central figure in an obstruction-of-justice investigation built around a phone call he that made to a local drug kingpin warning him that he was about to be arrested." Tyrone Corbin, Randy Breuer, and Tony Campbell could not be reached for comment.
  • Between his appearances on Bill Simmons' podcast, interviews like this one with Jonah Keri, and a bunch of amusing Facebook updates I've become such a huge fan of Houston general manager Daryl Morey that I'm rooting for the Rockets to win the NBA title without Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.
  • At long last, a major television network has decided to do a show about me.
  • I've long complained about the St. Paul Pioneer Press' website being so horrendous from a usability standpoint that it actually keeps me from reading articles that I'm interested in, like Phil Miller's strong work covering the Twins. They've failed to improve the website in several years, leaving readers to sift through error messages and missing content, yet now they're planning to charge for access. Brilliant!
  • Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory will be tough to beat when it comes to the worst ceremonial first pitch in baseball history, but Gary Dell'Abate gave it one hell of a shot:

    My favorite part is that Howard Stern spent this week bringing on various sports figures to discuss just how horrible the pitch was and the New York media covered it like actual news.

  • I'm quite certain that I had absolutely nothing to do with this, but a couple months ago I encouraged some of my bosses at to expand the site's relationship with PokerRoad ... and now they have. My job won't be complete until Scott Huff and Joe Stapleton replace Jay Leno. Yes we can!
  • Here are some of the highlights from my blogging this week:

    - The evolution of Wandy Rodriguez
    - The Next Big Thing: Nolan Reimold
    - Radio Radio: Clemens in denial over new book
    - The Strasburg Watch: No-hitter, 17 strikeouts
    - Rick Porcello: Killing worms and holding his own
    - Randy Johnson now two wins from 300
    - The Running Man: Jayson Werth
    - Injuries sap Cardinals of outfield depth
    - Angels getting healthy, gearing up for a run
    - Crawford ties Tampa Bay's franchise mark for RBIs

    I'm very pleased with how Circling the Bases has gone thus far. Traffic is steadily rising after we started from scratch last month, I've become increasingly comfortable with the all-afternoon posting schedule, and we're finding a nice groove in terms of topics and tone. Plus, within the past week I've managed to quote both Mase and Elvis Costello, which I believe to be a first in the history of NBC and GE.

  • Finally, in honor of Houston's improbable playoff run this week's music video is Elton John singing a live version of "Rocket Man":

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