July 9, 2009


  • I've seen (and posed for) some really awful yearbook photos, but nothing comes close to topping Lil Jon. Except for maybe Ryan Seacrest.
  • I'm down 30 pounds in my latest weight-loss attempt, but Jim Mandelaro of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle notes that Bill Smith "has dropped 40 pounds since February."
  • Still, my death figures to play out much like this story.
  • Shockingly, longtime Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com candidate Jenna Fischer went from married to divorced to married again without so much as asking me out on one date.
  • Not only is Friday Night Lights coming back for at least two more seasons, it sounds like just about everyone is signed on to return.
  • Batting Stance Guy has branched out, extending his brilliant mimicry to baseball movies:

    Hell, he even did the 20 push-ups after popping up as Willie Mays Hayes.
  • What happens if you take standard junk food and dress it up like a delicacy? Fancy Fast Food has the amusing answers, in picture form.
  • Friend of AG.com Thor Nystrom recently interviewed William Hung and wrote a profile of him for the Brainerd Dispatch, which is by far the best sentence I've typed this week.
  • This list of the "top 10 female child stars who became hotties" is pretty good, although after growing up watching Who's the Boss? the notion of someone other than Alyssa Milano/Sam Micelli in the No. 1 spot seems absurd. I'm happy to see the forever underrated Linda Cardellini/Lindsay Weir get some respect, although it's amusing to note that she was 24 years old when Freaks and Geeks debuted.
  • Flip Flop Fly Ball has some really strange, cool "infographics" about baseball, including the detailed boxscore of an imaginary Wu-Tang Clan versus The E Street Band matchup.
  • There's a new gang at the Minneapolis Star Tribune called "The Investigators." Cheesy name aside, I'm glad to see the Star Tribune focused on unique, meaty content rather than the fluff and cookie-cutter Associated Press reprints that too often litter the newspaper's pages. Plus, any setup that allows Paul McEnroe to do his thing is a good idea.
  • For some reason Keeley Hazell hasn't done many photo shoots lately, but when she does it's easy to remember why she's the reigning Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com.
  • Dan Finnerty was an awesome guest on Adam Carolla's podcast this week and his move-by-move recreation of Beyonce's video for "Single Ladies" is as hilarious as it sounds:

    Oh, and he was also pretty good in The Hangover.
  • Mary Louise Parker, underrated. And she even reads bed-time stories.
  • This may be the world's first case of Michael Scott-induced detention, but it surely won't be the last.
  • Not only can't the St. Paul Pioneer Press create a decent website for themselves, they're apparently not all that great at dealing with other people's sites either.
  • Mmmm ... pizza.
  • Mmmm ... hamburgers.
  • Minnesota Public Radio has advice on "how college kids can get a job," although "quit school, start a blog, and do it every day for years and years without getting paid" was surprisingly not on the list.
  • Timberwolves first-round pick Wayne Ellington has good taste.
  • Friend of AG.com and The Hardball Times columnist Chris Jaffe has a new book coming out called Evaluating Baseball's Managers.
  • Here are some of the highlights from my NBCSports.com blogging this week:

    - Broken toes, twisted testicles, and Spaghettios
    - Joe vs. Ichiro? Mauer set to debut atop leaderboard
    - Angels not counting on Escobar, may go after Halladay
    - The Next Big Thing: Justin Smoak
    - Royals cornering the market on utility infielders
    - Quote of the Day: 'I'm fine. This game isn't easy.'
    - Davis' whiff of history ends with demotion to Triple-A

  • Finally, this week's AG.com-approved music video is Michael Jackson's famous rendition of "Billie Jean" from Motown 25:

  • Once you're done here, check out my "Circling The Bases" blog over at NBCSports.com.

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