August 17, 2009

Twins Sign First-Round Pick Kyle Gibson

With about two hours remaining before last night's signing deadline Twins first-round pick Kyle Gibson appeared on Seth Stohs' podcast to discuss the ongoing contract negotiations. He seemed frustrated by the talks, but said all the right things, came across as a smart guy, and genuinely seemed to enjoy talking directly to Twins fans. Toss in the fact that he has a chance to be an impact player and I'm very happy that the two sides worked out a deal just minutes before the clock struck midnight.

Gibson was able to secure a $1.8 million bonus that's significantly more than the slot recommendation for the No. 22 pick and the Twins were able to sign a consensus top-10 talent who slipped to them because of an injury that has since healed. Definitely a win-win situation, which along with Gibson's improved health and Pat Neshek-like interest in interacting with fans, plus the Twins signing all of their other picks from the first 10 rounds, makes for a very successful draft. As opposed to this mess.

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