September 3, 2009


  • Quoted for truth: "Chunky escorts rip off intoxicated men."
  • White Sox beat writer Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune took a tour of Target Field while in town this week and snapped some good photos.
  • On the same day that someone introduced me to this news story made for a nice companion piece.
  • Derek Jeter shot down last week's New York Post story claiming that he's engaged to Minka Kelly, because obviously you wouldn't want a nasty, vicious rumor like that spreading. Undeterred, the Post is now reporting that Alex Rodriguez and girlfriend Kate Hudson recently bought "matching straw hats for $45 each." Seriously, that's the lead item in a gossip column.
  • A chart showing every major Seinfeld character and how they all connect? That's gold, Jerry. Gold.
  • I'm excited to see the Seinfeld quasi-reunion coming up on Curb Your Enthusiasm this season, and in the meantime you can study the timeless wisdom of Larry David.
  • Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline appears to be on the Aaron Gleeman diet.
  • Jared Allen had some really interesting thoughts on all the Brett Favre "schism" talk:

    Well said, obviously.
  • Old friend Luis Ayala is at it again.
  • I'm interested in writing a book about living on nothing but General Tso's chicken and Oreo Blizzards for an entire year. So far no publishers have stepped to the plate, but we do have a cover photo ready.
  • If the Jon Garland trade doesn't work out, the Dodgers still have a good-looking fifth-starter option.
  • Not only can new Red Sox pinch-runner Joey Gathright jump over parked cars, he probably could've snapped Julian Tavarez's neck like a twig a few years ago and instead restrained himself.
  • Official Fantasy Girl of candidate Kelly Brook is exceptionally good at wearing lingerie.
  • Assuming that the Twins don't re-sign the washed-up remains of Orlando Cabrera to play shortstop next season, calling the Brewers about J.J. Hardy seems like a good idea.
  • My colleague Bert Blyleven wrote an article this week about Joe Mauer's awesomeness. Can't wait to hang out with Bert at the holiday party.
  • Best guest on Adam Carolla's podcast this week? You guessed it, Frank Stallone.
  • Speaking of podcasts, Bill Simmons' guests this week included a pair of my all-time favorites, Artie Lange and Tony Kornheiser. Both were great interviews, for completely different reasons.
  • And speaking of Carolla, his wife sent me a message via Twitter, which made me strangely giddy.
  • In other Twitter news, Jim Souhan is now tweeting. Lots of corny one-liners, as you'd expect, but he's a lot easier to stomach in that format, especially when he's goofing on Anthony LaPanta's "hair."
  • I'm pretty sure that the Timberwolves won't do much winning this season, but with Kurt Rambis, Bill Laimbeer, and Reggie Theus on board their coaching staff is going to be very interesting.
  • We just completed the second season of Gleeman World 2 in's Hardball Dynasty game and it looks like we'll have some franchise openings. Hardball Dynasty is not a fantasy baseball game, but rather a simulation of running a fictional MLB organization from rookie-ball to the majors. It's incredibly detailed and time-consuming with a steep learning curve, so first and foremost we're looking for owners who've played Hardball Dynasty in the past, although anyone is free to express interest.
  • Some of the highlights from my blogging this week:

    - Our long national nightmare is over: Beltre wears a cup
    - Cameron "willing to make a sacrifice" to stay in Milwaukee
    - Will this be Ken Griffey Jr.'s final season?
    - Soto goes from Rookie of the Year to benched
    - Penny wanted out of the American League
    - Rookie hurlers Cahill, Porcello having interesting seasons
    - First batch of September call-ups includes Giambi
    - Knee injury, 6.81 ERA get Washburn skipped

  • Finally, because going with Otis Redding for every music video could get old, this week's choice is Sara Bareilles doing a great cover of his classic "Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay":

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