September 17, 2009


  • favorite Bill Withers pranked the USC football team and then led the whole locker room in a rendition of "Lean On Me," which is every bit as awesome as it sounds:

    Unfortunately for Ohio State, they carry a football better than a tune.
  • As if Adrian Peterson didn't do enough last week, Sidney Rice blogs about how Purple Jesus stole his Maserati. His conclusion? "Not cool."
  • My MinnPost colleague David Brauer wrote a good article about the first step in the Minneapolis Star Tribune's plan to start charging for content online and the Vikings are at the forefront.
  • In the wake of Bartolo Colon getting cut by the White Sox this week, Arlington Heights Daily Herald beat writer Scot Gregor calls him "one of the stranger guys I've run across in MLB." Not mentioned, of course, is that he's also one of the sexiest.
  • Based on Alan Sepinwall's nifty primer on this season's television schedule I'm giving the following new shows a three-episode tryout: Community, Bored to Death, Cougar Town, Modern Family. Aside from Parks and Recreation last year's new series did absolutely nothing for me, so my DVR is in need of some new blood.
  • Speaking of Sepinwall, he's trying to come up with "similarity scores" for actors and actresses like the ones Bill James invented for baseball players. And if that's not intriguing enough, he's starting with longtime favorite Maura Tierney.
  • At this point, hopefully Tim McCarver sings better than he announces.
  • The new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and quasi-Seinfeld reunion looks pretty, pretty good.
  • Remember last week's amazing video of the kid who loved bacon? Well, there's a dance remix:

    Someone really needs to get this kid his own television show.
  • My thoughts on Derek Jeter breaking the Yankees' all-time hits record matches The Onion's take.
  • Peter Abraham of the New York Journal News notes that Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher is dating actress Joanna Garcia from Gossip Girls, adding: "That's not good news for you ladies out there who like bad haircuts and a high on-base percentage." Incidentally, the Journal News is losing Abraham to the Boston Globe, which is a big blow online and in print not to mention the fact that a reporter going from covering the Yankees to covering the Red Sox just seems weird.
  • One of the most underrated actors of all time died this week despite the fact that "pain don't hurt."
  • Fedor Emelianenko is finally fighting again and it'll be on network television in November.
  • Official Fantasy Girl of Keeley Hazell's attempt to become mainstream apparently includes no longer getting naked, so the bikini version of her annual calendar will have to suffice. In completely unrelated news, it may be time to find a new
  • This is more or less how I feel when people ask me for fantasy football advice.
  • Here's a little behind-the-scenes feature video on the Adam Carolla podcast that I'm always talking about. Dr. Drew made an appearance on the show this week, which is always good times.
  • In honor of The Office premiering their new season last night, here's Official Fantasy Girl of second runner-up Jenna Fischer unveiling the Pam Beesly bobblehead:

    If only I had some sort of connection with NBC, maybe I'd get a bobblehead.
  • Alyson Footer of reports that 35-year-old Astros reliever Tim Byrdak has a man-crush on, of all people, Nick Lachey. Sad.
  • For anyone curious about what the NFL pregame scene looks like here at casa de fatboy on Sunday.
  • I've been watching several House episodes per week for the past few months and have decided that Olivia Wilde is a two-face, and believe it or not these possibly not-safe-for-work photos from GQ might support my theory.
  • Rob Dyrdek's mother thinks that John Mayer is a bad influence on him.
  • If you're not following me on Twitter, this week you missed my mom's analysis of Justin Morneau's season-ending injury, great moments in advertising, and the latest on the ever-growing list of teams for which I'm apparently biased.
  • Some of the highlights from my blogging this week:

    - Giants' midseason moves haven't paid off
    - When is a strikeout just like any other out?
    - Report: Cubs 'plan on shopping' Zambrano
    - After the hype, Wieters having solid rookie season
    - Tigers likely playoff bound in spite of Washburn
    - Shoulder surgery puts Flores' status for 2010 in question
    - They may be bad, but the A's aren't 'playing softball' any more
    - Hoffman 'would really like to come back' to Brewers

  • Finally, this week's music video is Withers singing "Ain't No Sunshine" from about 40 years ago:

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