November 12, 2009

Twitter Mailbag: Any Questions?

I'm having some computer problems that rule out putting together a decent Link-O-Rama for this week, but it does give me the opportunity to try something new. I've been on Twitter for a few months now and it recently occurred to me that putting together an mailbag entry consisting entirely of questions submitted via Twitter could be interesting. Plus, one issue with the traditional mailbag columns that I've done here in the past is overly long questions that are difficult to re-print, and Twitter forces brevity.

Here's how it'll work: If you have a question (or questions) about the Twins or the blog or really anything that someone might find interesting or amusing, go to my Twitter page and send me @ replies. And if you're not on Twitter and have no clue what an @ reply is, this will give you a chance to check it out. Or you can just let everyone else ask questions via Twitter and wait to read the mailbag when it shows up here next week. Pretty simple, right? If there's a decent response we'll make it a regular thing, so try it.

To submit questions for the mailbag, send them to @aarongleeman on Twitter.

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