November 19, 2009


  • Zack Greinke outed himself as an FIP-loving stathead after winning the AL Cy Young.
  • Obviously the true test will come when the AL MVP is announced Monday, but so far at least I'm very pleased with how the Baseball Writers Association of America has voted this year. They've matched my choices for AL Cy Young, NL Cy Young, and AL Rookie of the Year while disagreeing only on NL Rookie of the Year. Hopefully the logic continues next week.
  • As described (and pictured) in the New York Post, Derek Jeter celebrated his fifth World Series title by "frolicking with gorgeous gal pal Minka Kelly in St. Barts." Bastard.
  • I'm very pleased to note that former Twins beat reporter Phil Miller has landed a new job helping to cover the Timberwolves for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Miller did a fantastic job covering the Twins at the St. Paul Pioneer Press before the newspaper fired him in the middle of the season and has lots of experience on the NBA beat from his time in Utah, so Wolves fans are lucky to have Miller for however long the job lasts. He's also one hell of a nice guy, so hopefully it turns into a full-time gig.
  • I'm in complete agreement with Newsweek's list of "12 comics who aren't funny."
  • I'd like to go through life without seeing New Moon, but am thrilled to have watched Three Wolf Moon:

    Aubrey Plaza and the world's greatest t-shirt is an amazing combination.
  • Most impressive accomplishment by a big-name poker player this month: Phil Ivey at the final table of the World Series of Poker main event or Erik Seidel at a restaurant table on Curb Your Enthusiasm? Seidel was also featured in Rounders, so he's quite a thespian.
  • This week former Deadspin contributor Rick Chandler joined me in the blog family with Out of Bounds. For anyone keeping track,'s stable of blogs also includes Circling the Bases, Pro Football Talk, College Football Talk, Inside the Irish, and Beyond the Arc. We're going to have an amazing virtual Christmas party.
  • Speaking of former Deadspin staffers, Will Leitch penned an interesting piece about Bill Simmons forcing his way into the mainstream.
  • How amazing looking is Official Fantasy Girl of Keeley Hazell? By posing naked in protest of people wearing fur she's somehow managed to make PETA seem less annoying.
  • After burning through all 103 episodes of Lost in under two months I've moved on to Mad Men, which is also spectacular. Thanks to everyone who suggested it as a show that I'd like, because now I can't imagine life without Don Draper and Peggy Olson (although at first it freaked me out that Zoey Bartlet was forced to take secretarial work).
  • Also, based on recent television viewing I've come to the conclusion that someone needs to create a show starring Evangeline Lilly and Christina Hendricks. We'll call it "Lost Men" and, really, the plot and various other details are unimportant.
  • Speaking of great TV, if J.B. Smoove improv'd this scene with Michael Richards he's a genius:

    For future reference, Danny Duberstein is good at two things.
  • My mom cooked me a whole shitload of meatballs this week, yet despite being a total fatso I came up just short of the world record set earlier this month.
  • Against all odds, I'm not the author of this 5,000-word guide to mastering all-you-can-eat buffets.
  • The whole "unborn son" thing is awfully optimistic in my case, but this site has some good "rules."
  • I'm trying to decide which is the more exciting Twitter brush with greatness: Lynette Carolla sending me an at-reply or Joe Sebok re-tweeting one of my dreams?
  • New blog to check out: Schlepping Minnesota Sports.
  • Some of the highlights from my blogging this week:

    - Lincecum narrowly defeats Cardinals duo for Cy Young
    - Greinke captures Cy Young with 25 of 28 first-place votes
    - Scioscia, Tracy named Managers of the Year
    - Greinke in great company with Cy Young at 25
    - What are the Red Sox planning at shortstop?
    - Holliday reports show how offseason rumors can vary wildly
    - Coghlan, Bailey named Rookies of the Year
    - Reds re-sign Hernandez to one-year deal with 2011 option
    - Brewers decline Looper's $6.5 million option
    - Hudson, Braves make three-year deal official

  • Finally, this week's music video is Sia with a live version of "Little Black Sandals":

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