December 16, 2009

New System For Comments

I've used "Haloscan" to host the comments section here for years, but this week I got an e-mail saying that they were shutting the service down at the end of the month. They offered to transfer my account to another service called "Echo," so I'm giving that a try. I realize this is incredibly boring and you'd much rather read something about the Twins, but I'd appreciate the help from anyone willing to check out the new comments setup and give me their thoughts on how it looks, performs, and works. Thanks.

Oh, and I'll be back tomorrow with a nice, long Link-O-Rama.

UPDATE: Early reviews are mostly favorable, but it looks like newer comments are appearing and then disappearing at random. Suffice it to say that's a problem, so please keep testing it out and giving me feedback, good or bad.

Once you're done here, check out my blog and Twitter updates.

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