April 14, 2010

Random Picture Day

Since the Twins had yesterday off and I'm still basking in the Target Field experience, allow me to cover a truly important topic: J.J. Hardy is a dead ringer for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star and co-creator Rob McElhenney.

I first discussed this fact with Sooze Solheim at the TwinsCentric get-together Saturday, when she brought up Hardy's dreamy blue eyes and I countered with how much he looks like "Mac." (Note: It might have been the other way around, as there were beers involved.) And then, oddly enough, during Monday's adventure at the new ballpark I had basically the exact same conversation with a fellow writer who shall remain nameless. And now, you decide:

I've yet to decide who Hardy's double-play partner Orlando Hudson looks like, but two months ago I did bookmark this picture of him with the intention of posting it here at some point:

Also, I like to post this picture of Bert Blyleven every few months, as sort of a public service:

And that concludes random picture day here at AG.com, although you can always take another look at my amazing white turtleneck/mullet combo.