May 27, 2010

Days Like This

Not sure what to say at this point, so I'll just leave you with a little Van Morrison ...

  • Marshall Garvey

    Longtime reader here making a first comment to say…thanks for that song. That actually made things better.

    Now, time to win tomorrow and break the free-fall.

  • Chris

    The Twins are 6-10 against the east, and the Tigers are 5-2. The Twins are 3-1 against the west, and the Tigers are 10-8. In other words, on paper it appears that the Twins schedule has been more difficult and that the rough stretch is finished.

  • Chris

    hate yankees-games

  • grubah

    You’re spot on Marshall – I guess a song really can make things better. Good post Gleeman – nothing we can say about that day – best to explain it off with “Days Like This” and move on.

  • John P.

    ” what to say ”

    Damn Yankees.

  • Large Canine

    The Twins could go 156-6 with there 6 losses against the Yankees. Would you feel good about that team? Not me. We should be built for one purpose, to beat the Yankees. If were were built that way the pennant would come. Right now we are built to win the pennant which means one and done in the post season.

  • Ryan

    Also this about Francisco Liriano who is finished once again.

    April ERA: 0.93
    May ERA: 5.26

    And this quote from a scout,
    • On Francisco Liriano: “I saw him the start after he threw 123 pitches, and his delivery and arm slot weren’t the same. And they haven’t been the same since. The plane of his pitches wasn’t good. And the velocity wasn’t what it used to be in the Dominican [this past winter] and spring training.”

  • Chris Wesseling

    One of my favorite Van Morrison songs. Thanks, Aaron.

    Always good to stumble upon on another fan of the Belfast Cowboy.