August 27, 2010


• The good side and bad side of working from home, accurately presented in cartoon form.

• All that money bloggers save by living in their parents' basements is now coming in handy.

• I'm proud to say that Time magazine named Rotoworld one of the 50 best websites of 2010.

Macaulay Culkin turned 30 years old yesterday. I'd normally make some sort of joke, except he's been dating Official Fantasy Girl of Mila Kunis for nearly a decade.

Hawk Harrelson thinks umpire Joe West is conspiring against the White Sox, which sure is fortunate for the Twins.

• If you're not clear exactly what a "shit-eating grin" looks like, see the face Roy Oswalt made while playing left field in the 15th inning Tuesday night.

• Let's just say Jay Mariotti doesn't take the "practice what your preach" approach to life.

• My head exploded while trying to think of the best possible ball-related joke for this story.

Matt Capps feeding Adam Dunn with his hands on Top Chef was pretty hilarious, but Wilson Ramos will probably be better on a future show.

• AMC's upcoming new series The Walking Dead looks amazing.

• Speaking of amazing AMC shows, Christina Hendricks is still spectacular looking without the 1960s wardrobe.

• The greatest broadcaster in baseball history is coming back next year, and Ryan Longwell, Steve Hutchinson, and Jared Allen didn't even have to talk him into it.

• It took some digging, but I've uncovered a worse "specialist" than Randy Flores.

• Mighty Mighty Bosstones frontman Dicky Barrett is also the announcer on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Jimmy Kimmel recently joined the band by playing bass clarinet at a recent show:

At least he picked the one ska band that all wear suits and ties.

• Like father, like son (except for the whole being great at basketball thing).

• Not surprisingly, mainstream media members still treat one of their own a lot different than a blogger in a similar situation.

• The results of this study on baseball teams and access match what's going on locally.

Tom Tango launched his annual "scouting report by the fans for the fans," which is your shot to play a scout by entering in personal observations about the players you watch on a regular basis to become part of the huge collection of scouting reports compiled entirely by fans. Take a look at the instructions and details, and then go to the Twins page to mark down what you think of, say, Delmon Young's "instincts" in the outfield.

• Just in case you thought the stereotype about Polish people was in danger of dying off.

• Last week's Link-O-Rama featured a funny music video by the band Don't Stop or We'll Die. Their drummer, Harris Wittels, left a nice note in the comments section:

Thanks for linking my band's video, Aaron! I know nothing about baseball, but my boss Ken Tremendous seems to like ya!

Ken Tremendous is the pen name Michael Schur went by when he blogged about baseball at Fire Joe Morgan. He's also the co-creator of Parks and Recreation on NBC and Wittels writes for the show. I'm not sure if that qualifies more as "brush with greatness" or "worlds colliding" but either way I enjoyed it.

Jason Whitlock's exit from the Kansas City Star turned into an epic radio appearance that I'm sure makes him an even more polarizing figure than before.

Bert Blyleven is one of just three pitchers to reach 1,000 career strikeouts at a younger age than Felix Hernandez did earlier this week.

• Because my greatest skill in life is growing facial hair, I typically try to hit every data point on the spectrum in a given week.

Al Newman is the new head baseball coach at Apple Valley high school.

• Here are some highlights from my blogging this week:

- White Sox reportedly planning waiver claim on Manny Ramirez
- Albert Pujols and Joey Votto must go through Omar Infante to win Triple Crown
- Behold: The most Jon Heyman tweet in the history of Jon Heyman tweets
- Bobby Jenks comes up big for worn out White Sox bullpen
- Dan Uggla reportedly seeking five-year extension worth at least $55 million
- With contract up season, would Joe Girardi want to replace Lou Piniella in Chicago?
- Billy Butler is closing in on the all-time record for double plays
- Johnny Damon turns down Red Sox, saying: "I'm not going"
- Dusty Baker taking his time deciding on Reds extension offer

• Finally, if you like soul music and don't care about curse words your mind should be blown by this week's music video, which is Cee-Lo Green singing "F*** You":


  1. Now I really hate Macualay Culkin.

    Comment by Hoops McCann — August 27, 2010 @ 9:00 am

  2. Cee-Lo is amazing. Nice choice.

    Comment by Zman — August 27, 2010 @ 9:38 am

  3. Totally agree with Zman. I didn’t care for him too much in Goody Mob, but I started to appreciate him more with Gnarls Barkley.

    Comment by D-Luxxx — August 27, 2010 @ 2:10 pm

  4. So, how much will Manny be “worth” over their existing options? Assuming the Whiteys can swing the deal and bring him over?

    I’d love to see you take this the rest of the way, but here are some “back of napkin” musings…

    If we assume that Manny signs in time to play next Tuesday, the Whiteys will have 31 games left. Let’s be generous and say Manny starts and plays all 31 games. And bats high enough in the order to get 5 PA per game. And always plays DH so he won’t be a defensive liability.

    5 PA * 31 G = 155 PA total

    Assuming his AB/PA ratio maintains, he’ll accrue 131 AB and walk (or SF or HBP) the other 24 PA.

    Assuming he maintains his .313/.407/.513 line, those 131 AB figure to be pretty productive. Approximations would be 41 hits, 16 2B, 13 HR.

    Compared to the pace of CWS DH’s so far: .243/.312/.409, it’s clear that he’ll be much more productive. Approximations are:
    8 more walks (or SF or HBP)
    7 more hits
    10 more 2B
    7 more HR

    Which is quite a lot. And Cellular Field is friendlier than Chavez Ravine.

    How much is it “worth”, though?

    Thus far, he’s been worth 13 RAR and 1.3 WAR (baseball-reference) for the Dodgers.

    155 PA would represent almost exactly 2/3 of his playing time to date in 2010.

    So, assuming equivalent production, he’d bring about 8 RAR and .8 WAR to the Whiteys over the rest of the year.

    Given that Chicago DH’s have been slightly below average this year (93 OPS+), it’s fair to say that Manny is probably worth 1 WAR (over the players he’s replacing, that is).

    So, if the trade works out, Kenny Williams probably bought his team 1 more win.

    Will that win produce game 163? Or will it make it unnecessary?

    Or is my quickie analysis missing some obvious and important points?


    Comment by ThatsRich — August 27, 2010 @ 4:01 pm

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