January 5, 2011

Bert Blyleven, Hall of Famer

In his 14th year and second-to-last chance on the ballot Bert Blyleven is finally a Hall of Famer and on July 24 will officially take his rightful place in Cooperstown (alongside Roberto Alomar and Pat Gillick) after receiving 79.7 percent of the votes from Baseball Writers Association of America members. And with 2,567 of his 4,970 innings, 2,035 of his 3,701 strikeouts, and 149 of his 287 wins coming in Minnesota his plaque will feature Blyleven wearing a Twins hat.

About time. Hopefully he'll dust off that shirt for the induction ceremony.

  • CoachFSCB

    Very well deserved, and long overdue. Congratulations, Bert!

  • sandbun

    So did you have a post ready if he didn’t make it?

  • Jeff

    Congrats Bert. Go ahead and circle yourself!

  • I also love that shirt, and really think he should wear that shirt for his induction. Letter writing campaign!

  • John P.

    Does anyone else think it looks like Bert has freakishly long fingers in this photo?

    Maybe that’s part of the secret to a crazy good curve ball.

  • Oldgoat_MN

    Good for Bert. I hope he has some idea of how many people are happy for him right now.

  • A belated Xmas gift – thanks voters, this is a real thrill:-).

  • whydidnt

    Very well deserved and overdue! Now isn’t it also past the time for the Twins to retire his number? He definitely deserves to be up with there with Puckett, Oliva and the rest.

  • rover27

    I loved his humility and modesty on FSN when he talked about getting into the HOF.

  • Dose of Thunder

    Now I can visit Cooperstown.

  • Duane

    It was a good thing Bert was home “by eleven” to get the call.

  • theprez sez

    blyleven had the best nickname in sports, and he had more than 50 one-run losses in his career.

  • Dose of Thunder

    He easily should have gotten 300 wins. He had 116 starts that he either lost or got a no decision in which he only received 171 runs of support (1.5 runs per game) and averaged 7.1 innings pitched.

  • Mark

    @ John P

    Good observation. I don’t know if Blyleven has abnormally long fingers but that is a trait that is very beneficial for pitchers in general. The longer (and stronger) your fingers are the more grips you can have. You can throw several different types of each pitch and really change the friction and pressure you put on the ball. Both can dramatically effect what the ball does.

  • mrgerbik03

    hooray! We dont have to hear about this anymore!

  • neil

    So Aaron, how about updating your pic to include the epic beard? Devoted readers demand the bushiness!

  • Hugh

    The only question:

    Will Bert have an “M” or “TC” hat on his plaque

  • Willmac

    He’s got Dutch fingers.