January 14, 2011

Breaking news: Twins re-sign Jim Thome

I'll have more later, but for now you can read my analysis of the Twins re-signing Jim Thome that was written for a non-Minnesota audience at NBCSports.com. Short version: Great move.

Do you think Thome feels guilty about upstaging Link-O-Rama? I'll bet he does.

  • JB (the original)

    Great news! I wonder if after this and the Pavano deal (presumably) gets done if there will be any $$$ left for a RH bat –with some pop–(eliminating LNP) that can come off the bench and maybe back up 1st/3rd? Cantu?

  • McGivey

    Agreed JB, this is a great deal and hopefully Pavano can come back (for two years, and two years only) to help put a positive note on an otherwise pathetic offseason.

  • Adam S

    Glad to see the Pohlads didn’t need to put Mauer, Morneau, and Cuddyer on a plan to go get him.

  • glass half empty guy

    hooray! I’ll bet $5 whole american dollars Kubel still gets 175-200 PA against LHP.

    we just went from 81 wins to 84.

  • Large Canine

    half empty- we basically have the same to as last year. How do you figure 81-84 wins?

  • Dome Dog

    Large Canine,

    The Vikings also had basically the same team as last year. If you stay the same (more often than not) you go backwards…

  • mike wants WINS

    Large Canine, the difference between 81 and 90 wins is basically luck. A team has a “true” vale of some kind. It is unlikely to win the number of games equalt to its “true” value, due to the vagaries of luck (good or bad). So, predicting 84 wins is pretty much the same as predicting 90….mathematically speaking.

    Also, if you assume that Detroit and the Sox are better (which some do), if the Twins have the same team, you’d expect them to win less versus them….

  • Chris

    I’d feel guilty. I love the Link-O-Rama.

  • Padre

    Did I hear you say “fiance” on the radio tonight? You and Mila have an announcement to make?

  • scot

    The Twins should basically have the same team this year but having a healthy Justin Morneau will make a big difference. Cuddyer, Mauer, Kubel and Span were banged up and/or had down years in 2010 along with several starting pitchers. Delmon Young was the only regular player that had a great year and hopefully he can continue it. Pavano will be back and I predict a 90+ win season in 2011.

  • David

    Question about Pavano:

    Is any other team in the mix for his services right now? Who, if anybody, is the Twins’ competition?