October 25, 2011

On this date in 1987 …

Twins 4, Cardinals 2.

  • Andy


  • JR Cigar

    One of the greatest days of my life….seriously.

  • sbg

    I was in college back then and my next door neighbor the year before was a bandwagon Mets fan. He just rubbed the Mets in my face when they won the World Series and relentlessly made fun of my Twins. What an a-hole he was.

    When this game got over, I called him up, screamed the word “Yes” in the phone and hung up. Not only did my favorite club win a World Series championship in my lifetime, but I got to stick it to an absolutely unbearable ass. So yeah, good day.

  • Jeremy

    I was lucky enough to attend this game as an 8-year-old. We had seats behind home plate, almost at the very top of the upper deck. At one point, my mom stood up to cheer and almost knocked over Wally the Beerman.

    It’s been 24 years and I live over 1,000 miles away, but seeing your hometown team win the World Series live when you’re 8 (and again on TV when you’re 12) can make you a fan for life.

  • Mike

    October 5, 2004 was the last time the Twins won a playoff game. Getting to be a long time now!!

  • Double sigh…

  • mariettamouthpiece

    “…To Gaetti – and for the first time ever …” Herb at his absolute best. I was two days short of my golden birthday, my softball buddies and I were at the Park Tavern, then went downtown for the most raucous night of my (now) 50+ years. It was clean, it was pure, it was confirmation of a lifetime of being a Twins fan.

  • Tom

    I was also there and the feeling really was indescribable, like life is great and couldn’t get any better. And afterwards, walking through downtown back to the car, through the mobs of people jumping and screaming and high fiving each other (and talking one guy down off a light pole that he was climbing), I thought that this is what happens to sports fans in other cities. This is what happens in New York or Kansas City or Chicago or L.A. It doesn’t happen in Minnesota. But now it did. It happened in Minnesota, and I’m a part of it. The next day Reusse or Soucheray–can’t remember which one–wrote an obituary for the monkey that had been on Minnesota’s back for all those years (this was when Sooch was still Sooch, not the intolerable crank he’s become). Still have all those newspapers and ticket stubs and two HOmer Hankies in a box somewhere.

  • ben

    I can only remeber a handful of classmates from my 5th grade class that year, but I sure remember gaetti, puckett, hrbek, bruno, gags, lombardozi, viola, straker, reardon, blyleven, laudner, gladden, berenguer, schatzeder, bush, etc… I’m very thankful for those 1987 Twins.

  • Memories of ’87! I had bought tickets months before to a Warren Zevon show (The Envoy Tour) — which was the same day as Game 1! How could THAT freaking happen!? Walking through my brother’s dorm at the U on the way to the show — about 7 or 8 guys getting ready to watch the game in the common TV area — all solo — Twins gear on — not talking to each other . . . how sad. (I swear one of the guys was wearing a glove to watch the game.) Warren came out for the encore in a Twins jersey, while we kept up with the score via the merch guy, who had the game on a portable TV.

    Game 2 — went to the Game — SO LOUD! Just amazing.

    Game 7 — was in a complete state of shock. I just remember thinking about all those bad Twins teams, the Vikings horrible Super Bowls, and this is the team that did it!

    I have a Kirby Pucket signed 1987 Homer Hanky in my office.

  • Elvus

    One of the greatest days of my life, maybe the greatest.

  • mike wants wins

    What a great memory. Easily in my top 50 or so. A really fun day.

  • Ted

    You have a Top 50 Memories list?

  • spoof bonser

    I was 7 and loved this so much.

    On another note, I think the Twins should pick up Mike Wuertz. He was 8 years old in 1987 and playing stick ball in Austin MN, I seen him! He has a Jesse Crain-like slider. Do it.

  • Hey Zeus

    My brother was living in central Illinois at the time and I was in NC Iowa. We met halfway in Iowa City to rent a motel room and watch the 7th game together. After the game, we went out to eat and I looked around at all the other people who looked so, well, calm and thought, “Don’t they realize what just happened – THE TWINS JUST WON THE FREAKING WORLD SERIES!”

  • duane

    In 1977, our church sponsored a youth trip and each of us was given a chance to pray for something. The only think I could think of was to ask that I would live to see the Twins win the World Series. It took ten years, but WE WON!