January 6, 2012


• Much to the delight of The Wire fans, Omar Little got arrested in Baltimore last week.

Simon Konecki may not know it yet, but someday he'll be the subject of a No. 1 album.

Adrian Peterson didn't let career-altering knee surgery ruin his New Year's Eve celebration.

Howard Stern used Twitter to drunk dial a bunch of his fans on New Year's Eve.

• This week's 60 Minutes had a segment about someone who ran a scam charging kids to take the ACT and SAT for them, and I'm proud to say the homepage on his computer is Rotoworld.

• Having two kids cost Jessica Alba the Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com title, but she's staging a helluva comeback.

• This week's "Gleeman and The Geek" episode featured me chasing scotch with beer, pitching an idea for a podcast recording my blind dates, and ultimately concluding that "this podcast is completely off the rails." Oh, and we talked Twins too.

• I turned on the Nuggets-Kings game Wednesday to see rookie Kenneth Faried get garbage time action and this immediately happened:

And then moments later he did this too.

Alex Rodriguez, nerd or hipster? You decide!

Brandon Warne's lengthy chat with Twins hitting coach Joe Vavra is well worth reading.

Aaron Rupar of City Pages raised an intriguing question in relation to the start of my age-29 season: Prime age for baseball players is typically around 26-30, but what's the prime age for bloggers? In terms of producing content I'd say prime blogging age is 20-24, but in terms of producing good content it's probably closer to 24-28. Either way, I'm over the hill.

• I'd watch a lot more soccer if all the goals were like this one.

• I never watch hockey, but I've never missed a second of HBO's great 24/7 series on the NHL.

• Old friend Carlos Silva has found a new home after making $48 million to throw 297 innings with a 5.82 ERA since leaving the Twins.

• I know I said not to get me anything for my birthday, but I'm still kind of disappointed that no one got me Lizzy Caplan. Maybe next year.

Brad Miller hasn't played for the Timberwolves yet because of microfracture knee surgery, but he's already had a significant impact on the team.

• As you'd expect, Charles Barkley is even better when he thinks the microphones are off:

Something tells me TNT won't exactly be thrilled with Kevin Harlan either.

• Because of her divorce Zooey Deschanel's finances went public and I'm kind of surprised she doesn't have more money. Her eyes alone should be worth at least $1 million per month.

• I'm ashamed to have missed Portlandia until now, but immediately watched every episode on Netflix and the new season starts tonight on IFC. Until then, watch their take on baseball.

Aimee Teagarden has maintained her adorability since Friday Night Lights ended.

• Latest podcast recommendation: "Throwing Shade" with Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson, whose various great podcast appearances have made her my favorite Erin/Aaron, including myself.

• I picked against the spread for every NFL game this season and my final tally was 129-119-8 overall, but only 69-69-4 on my favorite picks each week. That may not look bad, but if you bet $100 per game going 129-119-8 would equal a $190 loss with the vig. Gambling is hard, kids.

• In case you were wondering, this is what a 29-year-old adult eats for lunch on his birthday.

• Friend of AG.com Lindsay Guentzel is auditioning to be this season's MLB Fan Cave resident and could use your help to win the contest.

• Finally, this week's AG.com-approved music video is Vika Yermolyeva doing a piano cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana (and there are a bunch more where that came from):


  1. Now that you’re down with Portlandia, here’s a potential-AG.com-Approved music video (dir. by Scharpling):

    Comment by Greg — January 6, 2012 @ 7:14 am

  2. Later in the game, Chuck was talking about the pilot (he was flying to NY to host Saturday Night Live) having the beer on ice. Reggie or Harlan made a comment about that not being on the Weight Watchers diet. Heh.

    Comment by SBG — January 6, 2012 @ 7:27 am

  3. If NBA announcers were that candid while on the air I’d watch it constantly. That was the most refreshing sports commentary i’ve heard since I can remember.

    Comment by Katz — January 6, 2012 @ 9:16 am

  4. So, a week ago I would have had no idea what a vig is… but I have started reading Artie Lang’s autobiography “Too Fat to Fish” which he explains betting against a bookie! Thanks Aaron for the Wikipedia link also! If you need a good read, and as a Howard Stern fan, check out Artie Lang’s book if you haven’t already. It is a great read and you will enjoy the book.

    Comment by Nik — January 6, 2012 @ 11:03 am

  5. Not related to Link O rama; and I’ve been traveling out of town lately so my information may not be acurate.

    Has anyone heard recently that Morneau was still suffering from concussion problems?

    Comment by pk — January 6, 2012 @ 11:13 am

  6. Awesome — I ain’t giving away no money! That just classice

    Comment by funoka — January 6, 2012 @ 2:27 pm

  7. On the Vavra article…
    All he did was talk about the job and hitting theory. While on its face that is interesting to a baseball fan, to a Twins fan like myself it doesn’t change my opinion of Vavra at all. He’s got all the theory stuff and down and he seemingly has the best intentions, but where are the results??

    Since he’s been installed as hitting instructor for the Twins he hasn’t established any kind of track record. The best hitters the Twins have had over the last five seasons all came up before Vavra was installed. Since ’06 I can’t see one living breathing example of what anyone can call a Vavra disciple, or an effective hitter molded in his vision. By the same token, many, many teams have hired and fired hitting instructors more than once since Vavra has come on for us.

    I don’t see him as having the ear of the young players on this team. You can blame young players all you want, but I don’t believe Vavra is a very good communicator. For one, you never hear a hitter praise him. Then you have guys like Hardy and Young who go elsewhere and are suddenly unleashed. There is a popular saying that goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. In the case of managers and coaches in baseball you have to notice what is working and what isn’t. KNowing that the Twins haven’t produced a single solid offensive player since Vavra has come through the pike you have to wonder if maybe there is a trend here.

    I am of the belief that hitting coaches don’t make much of a difference, but still….at this point the team has to start wondering what this trend is all about. A lack of emphasis on hitting throughout their system? Bad drafting? Bad coaching? Six seasons is a long time to not have a single good hitter come through your own system. If it continues the Twins have to acknowledge this trend at some point. Firing Vavra would be a start, imo.

    Comment by ewen21 — January 7, 2012 @ 12:50 pm

  8. Thanks to turning me onto Vika Yermolyeva. Her piano arrangements of rock songs are some of the greatest I have heard.

    Comment by Hugh — January 7, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

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