April 4, 2012

Friday afternoon meet-up for Twins’ opener versus Orioles

It's nothing fancy or anything, but some bloggers are getting together at Wild Boar in Hopkins to watch the Twins' opener against the Orioles on Friday afternoon. First pitch is scheduled for 2:05, so I'd encourage everyone to skip out of work early and come have some beers while watching Carl Pavano vs. Jake Arrieta. I'll be there, along with my "Gleeman and The Geek" co-host John Bonnes and other familiar names.

Who: Gleeman, Bonnes, and a bunch of other Twins fans.

What: Twins opener get-together/meet-up/viewing party/whatever.

Where: Wild Boar at 1022 Main Street in Hopkins.

When: Friday afternoon (April 6) from 2:00 until whenever.

Why: Baseball!

  • I need to live closer than 2000 miles away from Minnesota so I can start attending this Twins meet-ups.

    Bah humbug from South Florida.


  • BC

    Two of your loyal readers will be attending Friday and Saturday’s games live from Baltimore!

    First time to Camden; very excited.

  • Jeff

    Bummer the game is at 2. Us non-couch-bloggers have to work.

  • SHS

    Well I’m near Sioux Falls, SD so it’d only be a short little drive for me. MAN I WANT TO BE THERE!

    Hey Aaron G… I’m wondering if you could help me out with something over the past month or so, i’ve been trying to register for Twins daily . com but cannot do so because the “captcha” code that comes in at the bottom does not appear to be there when i hitt register now after filling out my info…. it says “catcha code” incorrect. Well in never see the herby jerby letters all bungled up in some mess to try and sort out.

    Should i ask Bonnes as well?

    It pains me that i can do nothing but read and i would really like to contribute my 2 cents.

    thank you.

  • SHS

    ^^ nevermind Seems i’m finally registered yae!!

    Go Twins in 2012