August 13, 2012

“Gleeman and The Geek” #54: Half Empty or Half Full?

Topics for this week's episode of Gleeman and The Geek included the Twins' odds of contending or rebuilding in 2013, where Chris Parmelee eventually fits into the lineup, exactly how bad Tsuyoshi Nishioka looked, whether Nick Blackburn should stick around with a 7.50 ERA, Liam Hendriks' and Brian Dozier's long-term outlook, which of us would make a worse Olympian, Bert Blyleven vs. Patrick Reusse, and why I won't go to Las Vegas with John Bonnes.

Gleeman and The Geek: Episode 54

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  1. “If Ben Revere has a .350 OBP and .375 SLG it doesn’t matter to me if he hits .210 or .310.”

    It should, .210/.350/.375 is more valuable than .310/.350/.375. Also, it probably projects better.

    Comment by SL__72 — August 14, 2012 @ 5:21 pm

  2. Thanks for mentioning the updated AAA affiliation data from Baseball America. As a Twins fan in Rochester, of course I’m hoping that the Red Wings stay with the Twins, and worrying about the Vegas-Rochester and Vegas-Buffalo-Rochester scenarios. Not sure if there’s any chance of a straight Buffalo-Rochester swap. Fortunately the Yankees are staying in Pennsylvania, or I’d be worried about them too.

    It should be mentioned that despite a poor start to the season, the Wings are now above .500 and only 5 games out of a playoff berth. Clearly making the playoffs is still a long shot, but a respectable finish will be a big improvement over back-to-back 90-loss seasons. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but I’d like to think that that, along with the promise of several good prospects arriving in the next couple of years, could be enough to persuade the Red Wings not to fly the coop.

    Nishioka’s recent misadventures are perplexing to me. Sure, we don’t expect to hit major-league pitching, but I’ve watched him play second base all year and have no complaints about his fielding; I would say he’s been quite good defensively. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. But it seems as if there’s some weird anti-mojo that takes effect when he tries to play for the Twins. Maybe it’s just that he’s so terrified of botching a play in the majors that he botches every play in the majors, but that doesn’t explain walking away from a popup. I find myself inventing stranger possibilities, like the Twins coaching staff refusing to try to cope with the language barrier. Maybe Gardy’s been talking to him in Mandarin or Urdu or Italian.

    Comment by Crazy Tom in Rochester — August 15, 2012 @ 6:08 pm

  3. Ack, insufficient proofreading. I meant to say “we don’t expect him to hit major-league pitching.” Of course it’s also true that I myself don’t expect to hit major-league pitching — I’m sure the 61-year-old Blyleven could strike me out easily.

    Comment by Crazy Tom in Rochester — August 15, 2012 @ 6:14 pm

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