July 1, 2011

AaronGleeman.com “Sponsor of the Week” program

In an effort to generate a little revenue from all the free content here while also keeping the overall amount of advertising to a minimum I'm starting a "Sponsor of the Week" program that highlights one advertiser per week for supporting AaronGleeman.com and encourages readers to support their product, service, local business, or website right back.

sponsor screen shot

AaronGleeman.com averages 175,000 page views and 100,000 unique visitors per month in addition to 20,000 followers on Twitter and an RSS subscriber base of more than 5,000.

For questions about the program or to reserve your week to sponsor, please e-mail me.

"Sponsor of the Week" details:

• Cost is $50, for which the sponsor will receive ...

• Exclusive status as "Official Sponsor of AG.com" and "Sponsor of the Week" for seven days, from Monday through Sunday.

• Text blurb and graphic/logo with an attached link of your choosing displayed in the top half of the sidebar in the designated "Sponsor of the Week" area, visible on all blog pages.

• Permanent note with an attached link of your choosing at the bottom of each blog entry that reads: "This week's content is sponsored by X."

Weekly availability:

March 2 through March 8: Reserved

March 9 through March 15: Reserved

March 16 through March 22: Available

March 23 through March 29: Available

March 30 through April 5: Available

April 6 through April 12: Available

April 13 through April 19: Available

April 20 through April 26: Available

April 27 through May 3: Available

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