November 14, 2014


• Longtime Purdue basketball coach Gene Keady finally got rid of his infamous/hideous combover in the name of love and saving $600 per week.

• Craziest story of the week: Robert Swift, former NBA first-round draft pick, is now "a heavily armed heroin addict" who was arrested with "a military-style grenade launcher."

• Sad headline (and pictures) of the week: "Mase performed to a crowd of less than 50 people."

• Accurate review: "Buffalo Wild Wings seems a little too proud of their food and beverages."

• I sometimes worry my life is being wasted arguing about Joe Mauer with people on Twitter, but Curt Schilling angrily arguing against evolution with people on Twitter puts it all in perspective.

• If the Twins have one obvious lineup hole for 2015 it's in the outfield, so which free agent should they sign?

This week's "Gleeman and The Geek" episode was recorded over beer and bourbon at Town Hall Brewery and we talked about Paul Molitor officially being hired and whether any real changes will be made.

• "Backseat Freestyle" by Kendrick Lamar was my favorite song of 2013--there's an official list and everything--but it loses a little something when mashed up with Taylor Swift:

Big week for people with the last name Swift, really.

Jeff Sullivan of Fan Graphs had an interesting look at why the fastest man in baseball, Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton, didn't steal a ridiculous number of bases as a rookie.

• Good to know I'll always have a fallback plan in case America runs out of white Adidas.

• Studies show that hosting national sporting events is overrated economically, so not surprisingly Minnesota hosting the All-Star game didn't make as much money as everyone expected.

• I was 11 years old and Aaliyah obsessed in 1994, so Shea Serrano's tribute to that year's R&B music is perfection on Grantland.

Byron Buxton got a bunch of tattoos, while wearing a cast on his broken finger.

• At least Ricky Rubio got to make one classic Rubio face before getting injured.

• The always underrated Maura Tierney talking about her many good TV roles is a good read.

Hannibal Buress is funny doing almost anything, including half-hearted restaurant reviews:

My favorite part is when he says "whatever, she won't see this anyway." Yeah, right.

• Running a young catcher into the ground usually has consequences, which is worth remembering when Salvador Perez is worn down next season.

• Reminder: The actor who played Luke on "Gilmore Girls" was the Braves' first-round draft pick in 1980 and was later traded to the Yankees for Bob Watson. Oh, and he was also Elaine Benes' sponge-worthy boyfriend on "Seinfeld."

"24 Hours In Fargo" by friend of Liz Welle is a cool tribute, with lots of good pictures and other fun stuff.

• As someone who grew up listening to "Loveline" and is now obsessed with podcasts, Dr. Drew chatting with Marc Maron is perfect.

• "Seven" is my favorite movie of all time and now it's on Netflix.

• Some of this week's weird and random search engine queries that brought people here:

- "Does Gordon Ramsay wear boxers or briefs?"
- "Was Tom Kelly a good baseball manager?"
- "Benjy Bronk orgasm"
- "Destini Molitor photo"
- "How much does Terry Ryan get paid?"
- "Paul Molitor financial information"
- "What does debut mean in baseball?"
- "Podcasts recorded at bars"

• Finally, this week's music video is "Are You That Somebody" by Aaliyah:

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October 7, 2011


• If only they had this program for journalism school students 10 years ago.

• Conclusive evidence that blogging has jumped the shark: Sid Hartman has a one now.

Two decades later the hair restoration cream from China finally worked on George Costanza.

• This totally ruins my Gail Simmons shiksa obsession and also shatters my entire world view.

• If you're not sick of Moneyball already, check out my article examining some of the history and ideas behind the movie (and the book).

• The look on this guy's face as he stares at Rihanna from behind is as amazing as the view.

• On a related note, they had to go all the way to Ireland to find a man who wanted her to put on more clothes.

Jordan Schafer isn't much of a hitter, but he's a Hall of Famer at getting arrested with pot.

Eva Amurri is the Ken Griffey Jr. of famous actress offspring.

Bernard Berrian and his public relations team seem like a perfect match.

• Congratulations to Kenan Thompson on his recent engagement and for showing why being on television every week is so great.

• I'd watch every episode of Prime Suspect if they'd let Trey Kirby write the scripts while Maria Bello wears the hats.

• I finally watched Bridesmaids and thought it was somewhat over-hyped while still very good, but this deleted scene of "the longest argument ever" beats anything in the actual movie:

Hell of an ending, too.

• I'm thrilled that Arrested Development might return from the dead, but once that happens can we resuscitate Freaks and Geeks too?

• Zooey Deschanel and Lizzy Caplan on the same show may shatter the adorability scale.

• And in other casting decisions taken directly from my dreams, Maura Tierney is joining Jenna Fischer on The Office.

• Of course, not every decision NBC makes is a good one.

• My favorite quote of the playoffs so far: "There was poo everywhere."

Joel McHale wrote a good article for Grantland about his time as a walk-on tight end for the University of Washington.

• I'm still skeptical about a(nother) Friday Night Lights movie, but everyone knows that Connie Britton doesn't say "for realsies" unless she means it.

Ozzie Guillen's replacement as White Sox manager came out of nowhere.

Jon Hamm's appearance on Marc Maron's podcast was every bit as enjoyable as expected.

• Speaking of which, Ida Blankenship remains the Queen of Perversions.

• No one has looked this good in a Pittsburgh Pirates hat since Barry Bonds.

• I look forward to this happening to me on Twitter some day.

• I've been debating getting a tablet computer, but reading this made me even more unsure.

• This week's episode of "Gleeman and The Geek" includes lots of arguing, a little drinking, and a new groupie.

• Finally, this week's music video is "Shine" by Laura Izibor:

August 13, 2010


• Quote of the Week, courtesy of Ozzie Guillen: "Who gives a shit who's in town? How about, 'the White Sox are back in Chicago after a long trip.' Even my wife told me Minnesota is coming to town. I said, 'Good, you dating somebody from there? Who cares.'"

• If you learn anything from this week's Link-O-Rama, it's that you should be nice to every girl in high school just in case.

• This is admittedly saying a lot, but the "synopsis" of "Regulate" by Warren G and Nate Dogg is probably the best thing I've ever seen on Wikipedia.

• Sure, but does she know where to find me?

• I may save this article to have on hand the next time I'm in another city and someone brings up the notion of "Minnesota nice." It's a keeper, if only for the presence of brass-knuckles.

Johan Santana had kind of an up and down week.

Big deal. Call me when Mila Kunis' father's daughter decides to get into porn.

• I'm a little surprised the Twins didn't become free agents and shop their radio rights around to various stations, but their decision to sign a two-year extension with 1500-ESPN strikes me as a good thing. Phil Mackey and Tom Pelissero have done a very nice job covering the team as beat writers on and while a move back to WCCO may have been an option KFAN's general lack of interest in baseball seemingly would have made them a poor fit.

• Surely this will get the "Joe Mauer or Mark Prior?" debate stirring again.

• Not even cancer and the resulting hair loss can keep Maura Tierney from looking good.

• A confession: I make myself a drink before watching Mad Men each week.

If I'm feeling extra nerdy, I make it an old fashioned.

• I'd approve of this possible Steve Carell replacement on The Office as long as they promise he'll take attendance each morning.

• I'll have to consult with fellow members of the tribe to be certain, but much like with Lindsay Lohan a while back I'm not sure we necessarily want Amar'e Stoudemire even if he would be our best big man since Dolph Schayes.

• As a fatso who literally keeps his house at 68 degrees year-round, this makes a lot of sense.

• Last week I linked to a few anti-Mitch Albom rants that some of you felt were unfair even for criticism, so you may prefer the always great Joe Posnanski's more even-handed take-down.

• Earlier this month Dennis Green's son and former NFL analyst Jeremy Green was arrested on child pornography charges and the details that have since emerged are very sad.

• This extensive list of salaries for television stars is equal parts fascinating and maddening.

• Last month Seth Stohs essentially forced Amanda Bynes into retirement at age 24 through the sheer power of his mind, but now she's reconsidered.

• I remember renting this movie at like a dozen different sleepovers as a ... well, kid.

• As the world's biggest Lizzie Caplan fan, I approve of this message.

• Some long-awaited good (and sensible) news on the online-gambling front.

• Had gambling on your own grades been around when I was in college I might have actually stayed in school.

• I'm clearly the Inception of baseball bloggers.

• After reading this, I really feel like starting a Twitter "feud" of my own.

• Usually my favorite new television shows get canceled, but FX renewed Louie for Season 2.

• If you're like me and you enjoy Nick Nelson's excellent blog, you should read this interview.

• Two new(ish) blogs to check out: That's Twins Baseball and Glorious Nation of Hrbekistan.

• Here are some highlights from my blogging this week:

- Jason Heyward snaps 31-game homerless streak
- Mike Stanton is first 20-year-old with five-hit game since 1978
- This just in: Curtis Granderson can't hit left-handed pitching
- LaTroy Hawkins goes back on DL with more shoulder pain
- Javier Vazquez is worried about his declining fastball velocity
- Time for Indians to move Justin Masterson to the bullpen
- Randy Johnson is now the world's tallest music photographer
- Picked up for nothing, Pat Burrell has come up big for Giants
- Brandon Wood predictably collecting dust on Angels' bench
- David Price sets Rays' franchise record with 15th win

• Finally, because he was good when I saw him in Atlanta last week while attending the SABR convention, this week's music video is Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers doing a live version of "Sleepy Vampire":